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Storing Test in Powder Form?

Can anyone tell me what is the best way to safely store Test powder that I will reconstitute which is not in a vial to begin with?

Are you referring to raw hormone power? are you homebrewing?

buying the raw hormone powder then reconstituting. just not sure how to store it airtight and safely say if i mix10 cc what kind of storage thing do i put it in a used 10 cc vial or what’s your idea?

That’s not how hormone powders work. You don’t just reconstitute them. There is a recipe you have to follow AND (more importantly) the oil needs to be filtered before injecting. Please make sure you know how to homebrew (it is very easy) before trying to use the powder.

As far as storage, just seal it in a baggie and get all of the air out that you can. If you have a vacuum sealer, then that is even better. Make sure to keep it stored out of the light and heat. Some people store it in their freezer, I just store in in a dark place with a coupld of dessicant pouches to absorb moisture

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Good idea here.

I have mixed feelings on this. You would be subjecting it to a lot of temperature variation which for most substances increases / accelerates aging. Also, sealed properly, you wouldn’t have to worry about humidity changes. If I was going to store in the freezer, I would probably put the sealed raws in a insulated lunch bag or something to attenuate the temperature fluctuations.

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Yea, I have heard arguments from both sides, frankly I don’t have a strong opinion one way or the other. I think just keeping it out of the light and away from moisture/air will make it hold a lot longer

ok great makes total sense. So, thanks for the answers to my questions. before i buy i’ll just buy some of the raws that can be eaten and i’ll stick with the premade airsealed oils in vials. looks like i need to do more studying .You guys are great, thanks so much.

I don’t understand that comment at all. Unless you’re talking about orals. There are only a couple of us on here that homebrew, but it isn’t talked about often. If you have any questions about homebrewing, fire away. It appears right now that you don’t know anywhere near enough info for homebrewing (That’s not meant as an insult, I was there at one point too). It’s is an easy process, but it is also easy to screw up.

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I would advise against this strategy. When you get an oral tab from a UGL or Pharma, it might be dosed at 25 mg, but the tab weighs about 1000 mg. So they are using fillers in the tab / capsule process. The way they do this is by mixing a few grams of raws in with 100s of grams of filler (maybe a lot more of each depending on scale), mixing it really well, then forming tabs or caps.

My point is that I can measure out a few grams accurately. I can’t measure out milligrams accurately. Like a paper clip weighs about a gram to give you a sense of how little weight of actual raw goes into an oral steroid tab (0.025 the weight of a paper clip). You would have to buy one of these bad boys if you wanted a chance at any accuracy.


Yes I know nothing about homebrewing and any advice would be excellent on how to do that process. I’ve got scales and 6, 10,15, 20, 30 mg measuring spoons and 1, 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 20, 30, measuring spoons up to a kilo, so I can dose other things Like Kratom, sarms, and raws and other herbs in which I am starting a herbal health products business here in Thailand and will sale Sarms, Kratom in different sizes of capsules plus many other items. I am not done designing things yet. So when mixing my own or as you guys say homebrewing I would love to understand the complete process and what to do correctly so I don’t kill myself or others or cause infections with unsanitary gear. Thanks for taking the time and giving me the info so I can see what I can do at home.