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Storing Sachet Leftovers...


Not sure how to store what remains in the sachet after my first dose...

 Need to store two remaining doses for 3 weeks, web research has told me the the gear will only remain good in syringe for a few days, empty vials need to be purchased in bulk, (100 pcs. and up, the cost being equivalent to the cost of the gear itself).

Has anyone dealt with this? Advice?


If your dealing with sachets constantly it is a good idea to have vials on hand. If you search this site or just look a little harder on google you can find companies that will sell you 1 glass vial the last time I ordered I ordered ten 10m sterile vials and it didn't cost me more than 25 USD I got them in like four days.


Thanks for the help. If you happen to remember the vial website, that would be awesome.


You know now that I am looking for it I can't find anything on where in the hell I was getting them try milleranalytical.com you can buy 25 for 25 10ml 20mm finish


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Here's another http://www.titanmedsupply.com/


Thanks! greatly appreciated.


I just got some gear from AS into Australia.
I need a source of sterile vials in Aus, can anyone help?



These guys are based in Australia.


Thanks Hagar!