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Storing Protein Shakes?


This is probably a really stupid question, but is there anyway to prepare a shake in advance by either putting it in the freezer or fridge??


I think this depends on what's going into your protein shakes. If portability and quick prep are your concerns, you could always just buy a few shakers, fill them with protein powder, and then just fill them up with water whenever you need to make a shake.


i've found that most shakes can last a day or two in the fridge. However any longer than that and they go rancid.


ya some of my freinds make like 3 in the morning, have one, then the other two later in the day. so go for it if its just powder and water. if you put egg or other stuff in it like yogurt then i owuldnt know


I just mixed 4 for tomorrow and do that everyday. Most of us wouldn't have the time during the day to actually go mix a shake and then drink it.


This is what I do. It means I can leave it in my car and not have to worry about refrigeration or anything else at a cost of about an extra 15 seconds in prep time.


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I mix em really thick in the blender with ice in the morning. I keep them in a little lunch box with an ice pack. They're ready to drink and still cold throughout the day as the ice melts a bit.





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You could always do what Dr. John Berardi said he did when he was in college, mix up protein powder and water in an old gallon milk jug and carry it around with you. I think that was him that said he used to do that in college, carried around the jug and a bag of bagels. Either way it works well!


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