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Storing Prohormones?

I just recieved a few bottles of differant kinds of prohormones. I’m not planning on using any @ this time in my training. They don’t expire until next 1-2 years.

How should I store them to keep em fresh?

I’ve heard fridge and freezer?

The garbage might work. That is where I keep all of my prohormones.

Now with that said I’ll offer some advice.

Since they do not expire for a couple of years I dont beleive you have to worry about freezing them per se. You may just want to store them in a cool and dark place (besides the garbage)or keep them in the fridge. I do not believe that the freeezer will ruin the PHs. If you search the site you might find a more definitive answer.

I may also suggest you save yourself from the adverse consequence of PHs and read the newbee thread on real hormones.

What kind of PH did you get?

I agree with keep them in the garbage. Or sell them to some idiot to make back your money. That would be the best use of them.

I got several of the following:

MAG-10 Destroyer

Universal Animal Test