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Storing Open Amps


On occasion, I'd like to take half on an amp of test, and save the other half for later use. Have any of you done this before? I have some sterile viles, and I was thinking of storing the unused half in the sterile viles. But I figure that "sterile" viles aren't perfectly sterile, which is why homebrewers add ba/bb to their oil.

Amps, on the other hand, may actually be truly sterile, so I'm wondering whether the gear in amps even contains ba/bb. If it doesn't contain ba/bb, and I store it in a vile, might I get an infection upon using it? Thanks.


The more you move around the solution the more chance there is to pick up bacteria. A better idea as I stated before to the guy with the same question is to draw up the entire amp and store the unused portion in the syringe. Change the needle and store with the new needle capped.


If it says sterile vial, then certainly ordinarily it is and such are fine for storage.


X2, Duh


That would seemingly be a very obviously solution. Although I am concerned with the fact that he stated he used half an amp previously on more than one occasion and is now considering using sterile vials for storage. Did you ceran wrap your amps before? And if so you felt this was a MORE sterile alternative as opposed to a vial?