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Storing Mixed Hcg in Insulin Pins?


The hcg I bought only came with 1ml of NaOH solution so I was planning to just mix it up and pull it up into 2 1/2cc insulin pins and store it in that.

With 5000iu in 1ml I could just use .05ml each time (250iu hcg per time) (5 marks on the insulin pin) and measure it accurately..

I know reusing pins is frowned upon, but I have done that with GHRP-6 and GHRP-2 plenty of times with no issues...

I just don't really have a vial small enough to store 1ml in without losing a significant amount of hcg at that concentration, so if storing it in the pins would be okay, I would prefer that...

I could always backfill fresh insulin pins if I need to.

Sound okay?


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Sounds good. Backfilling the insulin pins was a pain, but I split it up in 3 insulin pins.

Lost about .1 ml, so about 2 doses.


I've been told that some diabetics reuse their pins without issue, and I don't doubt it. I don't do it personally because they cost all of 20 cents apiece...I use 12 per week for T/HCG/Tren and that still comes out to a whopping $9.60 a month. Very cheap peace-of-mind as far as I'm concerned--even if the risk is minute.

Edit to add: It's better to buy some bacteriostatic water, and dilute your HCG with that instead. That way you can get lower concentrations and (I believe) shelf life is improved.


For peptides and HCG I reuse the same insulin pin over and over. Sometimes as often as 10 times. This includes subq and IM injections. Been doing this for a looong time now with no issues. Obviously I am careful and not dropping the needle onto the floor or sneezing on it. I switch needles randomly, usually when the tip "feels" blunt.

This is not a recommendation. To be honest if I still lived in the US I would only do this with daily preloads. My issue is a logistical one. Whereas AAS is perfectly legal and extremely easy for me to access here, needles are highly regulated, impossible to find domestically, and a holy pain in the ass to acquire from overseas. Obviously I know I should not complain too much.


By the way you can buy sealed sterile vials for super cheap, if this is any sort of issue. I think your solution is fine, though.


Thanks Cortes. I figure keeping them in the fridge should keep bacteria growth minimal anyway. And I am always clean with it.


Just try and keep from storing your preloads in the ziplock with that half-eaten cheese sandwich you threw in there last week and you are gtg, bro :wink:


I dunno, I kinda like the sandwich + G6 combo...with the insane hunger I get from G6, combining them is just a one stop shop! win win baby.


So long as you don't try and inject the sandwich...