Storing Metabolic Drive + Eggs

Schools going to start for me soon, and I doubt I’ll have enough time in the morning to boil eggs and make a serving of Metabolic Drive Complete. What I’m asking is if anyone can tell me how to store eggs beforehand (Such as in what kind of container, how long would they last in the fridge, etc.)

I would also like to know if I am able to make the Metabolic Drive Complete shake the night before, and would it affect the quality somehow. Also, if anyone knows if I should start using a shaker (and if so, where do I find it, and how much) because I’ve been using a blender for my mixing needs. Thanks in advance

Boil the eggs, peel them, and store them in a bowl of water. You can keep them for up to a week this way.

You can pick up shakers at any nutrition store, or just stir it with a spoon. I’m not sure about making it the night before.

yup boil the eggs ahead and hell if you like pickled eggs make a ton put in a jar of vinegar and spice keep even longer that way.

yes the shake will be fine. or just put powder in the shaker ad water at school and shake


I know this might sound stupid, but was I supposed to peel the eggs beforehand? Thats what I did and they are now very rubbery and hard. So for future reference, should i just take the shell off when I’m going to eat it or just peel it and store it? Also, is there any way to stop the egg white from becoming so firm?

generally if my eggs are too rubbery, it means that I cooked them too long… I haven’t noticed a correlation between peeling them at the beginning of the week, and them being rubbery…

i personally just boil a bunch of eggs when needed (usually every week or so) and leave them in a seperate egg carton in my fridge with the shells still attached. i peel the shells before i eat them.

as far as texture, i don’t know. i’ve been eating boiled eggs for so long that i am sick of them and i just basically swallow the damn things as quick as possible.