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Storing IGF-1 LR3 with BA

I’m coming into some IGF-1 LR3 and am concered with how to store it. I’ve seen that most labs like Lion, ChemOne, etc. use Acetic Acid to store the stuff. On the other hand I’ve read many personal accounts of people using Benzyl Alcohol to store it. Is there really much of a difference, if any?

I guess while I’m at it I’ll ask about dosing. I’m 6’2" at 230-235lb, 10-11% body fat. I’m not sure if stats matter at all for dosing, but I was thinking of 20mcg twice per day for 25 days, and if satisfied continue with the same dose for another 25 days. If unhappy I was going to up it to 40mcg twice per day. Any suggestions or personal experiences welcome.

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Do you just split it up into two 12-hour doses, or does that correlate to one in the morning and one PWO?

IGF can be stored indefinitely if left un-reconstituted.

You use the acetic acid to reconstitute, and the NaCl solution to dilute.

I would never, under any circumstance, add BA to any peptide.

Acetic acid is cheap enough, so I’ll get some to be safe. As far as converting the powder into an injectable I have a couple questions:

  1. oes the powder completely dissolve in the acetic acid, or is it just suspended? I ask because I need to know if I can mix up the powder and acetic acid and put it into a sealed vial, or if I need to get some unsealed vials.

  2. I know that the IGF+AA mix needs to be taken up into the syringe and then mixed with either NaCl or Bac Water (i’d imagine there’s no diff, but if anyone would like to comment feel free). My question is how much Bac Water do I need to add to the syringe for a given amount of IGF?

  3. I’d imagine the sting from the AA doesn’t last too long. But I’m wondering if it would impede my workouts. I usually do full-body workouts 4x/wk. If the pain from injection lasts a couple days I’ll do a bodypart split in order to avoid working the recently injected muscles.

Thans for the help guys.

ChemOne sells complete kits (1mg-IGF,2ml-AA, and 10ml-NaCl).

The AA will “dissolve” the IGF - making a homogenous solution.

You can store the reconstituted IGF in the vial it came in.

Only add the NaCl to the IGF solution immediately prior to injection.

Some folks don’t need the NaCl - but my concern is about tissue necrosis. The NaCl does little more than dilute the IGF/AA solution so that there is no chance of necrosis.

As for how much NaCl to add - that’s a personal thing. Some guys add their IGF, and add enough NaCl to double the volume - others fill up the rest of the syringe with it.

I am a doubler.

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