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Storing Grow! In a Hot Climate


Hi Guys,

Down here is OZ it gets pretty hot, especially at my place as I have a tin roof.

I have noticed that after about a week my Grow! doesn't taste as good as it does the first day I open it.

My first thought is that the heat during the day is killing it. We had some really hot days over Christmas (115F) and my current tub tastes like ass now :frowning:

Any tips on how I can store my Grow! so it stays good longer ?

Maybe keep it in the fridge , but if so how do I keep it dry ?

Or if it's not the heat then what is causing this ?

BTW, my current Grow! usage is about 3 servings a week of 2 scoops. So one tub alsts me about 4-5 weeks.



Get a cheap bar fridge. You know those half fridges for beer or collage rooms. They are pretty cheap. Store all your supplements and meds in it. Keep the temp cool, but not cold.


When I was in Iraq, I had the same challenge. We were living in trailers, and the A/C and electricity was constantly broken which brought the inside to a nice balmy 180+ degrees during the day. I kept my powder in a bag toward the center of the room with clothing packed around it. Same thing with the supps I had bought. I found the Biotest supps keep fairly well in high heat as long as you take the time to insulate them. I didn't have a fridge, or cooler. Nothing. It worked out well. If you used more than 3 servings a week, that would help too. The combination of being open in high heat for so long surely had a part in making powder taste like a sweaty dog's asshole.


I have a bar fridge, what temp would you recommend ?

Currently it sits at cold beer temp to keepo the beer cold :slight_smile: so around 10-12C ( 50-54F).

Is that too cold ? I assume i want to keep it above condesation point ?

Oh and one other thing about wherre I live. It's pretty humid, over the last few months its been about 70% on average and upto 100%.


Condesation isn't a worry if you are fast.

Put it in any fridge you have room for it. Don't worry about temp. Just make sure you take it out, get the scoops, put it back in. Keep it closed tight.

Then mix your shake. Your goal is all about in and out of the fridge.


Sounds like a plan.
I'll give it a go :slight_smile:


you had a/c? bastard