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Store Display Helps Squat Stance?


I was just at a Meijer store (similar to Wal-Mart) and in the medicine section, next to the blood pressure machine, there was a huge display for Dr. Scholl's. Here is this gigantic computer, you stand on it, and it starts running. Well, it has a pressure sensitive pad and shows how you distribute weight on your feet! I learned that my normal stance has me putting all the weight on my heels.

Considering I already have anterior pelvic tilt, this means I actually need to lean just a bit forward and get more quad drive. I know the insoles are mostly useless, but the display is cool, and it's free to try out. Knowledge is power.



To help with the quad drive, many lifters will put a 1" board under their heels. When I started squatting, that’s what I did. Nowadays I don’t, but if I attend a gym and see a board lying around, I’d use it for sure (my current gyms don’t usually have a board around).

What I’d be interested in for me, is to see the foot-shift that I’ve noticed that happens for me when squatting heavier weights. For some reason the balls of my feet tend to shift a minute amount prior to my explosive drive.