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Store Brand Supplements


Hi everyone, i was wondering if GNC's store brand whey protein and creatine is equal to that of a name-brand. Thanks.


Here's the thing. As far as protein for a meal replacement purpose your better off using a whey/casein blend as it has been pretty well established that it is superior for a meal replacement.As far as creatine goes,most creatine monohydrate is as good as any. The thing is that I find GNC's prices to be crappy and your better off ordering off the internet. I personally love the products on this site because they work very well and can't be beat as far as price and quality!


GNC's line of supps are cheaply made and priced. I don't recommend any of them.


The honest answer is that its probably just as good as most whey products out there for all intensive purposes. Biotest may have a couple more goodies in there stuff, but most lifters(myself included) arent failing at their goals because of subperfect whey protein. Instead, focus on price and taste.

And unfortunately, GNC tastes like shit and its more expensive.

Its so bad you laugh everytime you try to down it. Fun, but bad.


This is true. Thats the only protein that I had to give away because I just couldn't drink the shit. LOL.


Here's some advice:

When in doubt, order Biotest.

[i]Screw[i] every other company. T-Nation/Biotest is the only way to go.


As for the fun part I have to assume it is the rock gut and highly toxic gas the stuff gives you for a few days.


I think Protein Factory tastes just as bad as GNC protein. Mmnn...chalky.


If the GNC creatine has a CreaPure label on it, then it is of the same consistent quality as the creatine sold here at T-Nation. But what's the cost?

The GNC protein powder can't even come close to Metabolic Drive here at T-Nation, though. Metabolic Drive is the best you can get in flavor and quality.