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Stopping TRT

I’ve been having insomnia for the past year, I am sure its somehow related to TRT but can not work it out exactly.

I have been both high and low in oestrogen over the past year, and have experimented with higher and lower levels of testosterone. Insomnia has been a constant. It all started when I did a high fat, high protein and low carb diet. I figured it will go away when I stopped, 3 months later I couldn’t handle the insomnia so I quit the diet and the insomnia persisted.

Unfortunatly because I am using a testosterone with a very long half (Undecaonate), adjusting my levels are not easy, likewise, Exemestane dosing is proving difficult to adjust.

My (non comprehensive) blood test results last week were as follows:

TT 44 (8-32)
E2 254 (<150)

I was not using an AI for at least 2 months prior to doing this blood test. Furthermore, I was only using 125mg of Undecaonate per week in a single dosage. After reviewing results, I figured, ok drop Test dosage down to 80mg/w and introduce a AI (again). I have not taken any Test for the past month to get my levels down. I will do another blood test next week to see where I am at.

My body temperature is normal, after a 1 month course on iodrol, I started on 50mg and dropped it down to 8mg now that temp is good (37 deg C).

Im almost 37 years old, good health otherwise, body fat is somewhere between 15-20%. Married, 2 children, been on TRT for 2 years. Had insomnia for the past year or so since doing zero carb diet.

I read much of Dr Lab’s work on Adrenal Fatigue and found his breathing exercises helped on some nights but not all nights with sleep. I got discouraged after doing 40 minutes of beathing on my last session and going through the night without sleep after it.

I took 8.33mg of Exemestane last friday after getting my hands on some from the dark side, I slept like a log on friday, Saturday and sunday night. I then took another 8.33mg on Monday and have not slept for the past 3 days, suggestions?

Anyway, I am getting sick of this, I am a sales person by profession and have been off work for the past year due to lack of motivation, and low energy when I don’t sleep. In my profession, my attitude and reputation is everything so I can’t work until I sort this problem out. This problem has cost me dearly and my family has had to compromise their lifestyle as a result.

I am secondary Hypo, I responded well to clomid when my wife and I attempted to conceive out second child, testosterone went from 8 to 20 (8-32) and oestrogen was at about 64 (40-150), this was a different lab to above results, hence the different range for E2. I had a lot of sides from Clomid which is why I stopped it, I have experimented with Tamoxifen also and had similar sides to clomid although they were not as bad.

Im going to see my doctor next week, because I am in Australia, I have access to Proviron, if anyone has experience with this for TRT let me know.

I stopped AAS about 12 years ago, during my AAS days, I did experiment with Proviron while I was off a cycle and I had a major improvement in libido and mood at the time. I recall my experience with it very well because its what initiated my hair loss. I have lost maybe 15% of my frontal hair currently and couldn’t care if it all falls out now. I just want to feel better.

I figured, if I combine the Proviron with an AI such as exemestane in a very low dosage, I can restart my own hormone production and possibly get similar effects to what Clomid did for me without the side effects of clomid. Its a long shot but I feel like restarting my own hormone production is my best chance of eliminating myself of insomnia.

Any thoughts, suggestions, opinions, questions or advice welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading.