Stopping TRT To Reverse Hair Loss

Hey guys thanks again for advice as always. I know a ton of people have posted about hair loss with trt and most get criticized when wanting to try to keep it. I have started to really get thin hair, like there is nothing under top layer. My hair has always been super thick. I also have not had much luck on top of that after a year of a couple of different protocols really getting to where I feel great. I’m considering stopping trt all together. But I wanted to ask a couple of questions first. One, if I tried just lowering my dosages first could that help with the hair thinning?

My test levels have been about 1050 at 200mg/ml .24ml three times a week and 350 iu twice a week. I could drop to .20 three times a week and probably get my levels down a bit. Would that be worth seeing if it helped? Could lowering my levels possibly get my hair to thicken up? Secondly, If I decided to quit would I have to do any PCT? I have been on hcg the whole time so I’m theory I should still be functioning and not shut down. Would I need to taper down off it? Thanks for the advice.

Lots of information in this very recent post.



Yes. Stop your Test. Continue HCG for three weeks. Start a SERM regimen of Nolvadex or Clomid for 4-6 weeks.

Not true at all. You are shut down.

No tapering. Follow what I said about pCT.

Thanks man that was some efficient posting right there lol. On the hcg would I continue the anastrazole? It raises my estrogen pretty high but not sure how I would combat it on just hcg

Definitely don’t want to use anything like finasteride. I have pssd from antidepressant usage which started the trt rabbit hole. I don’t want anything else with possible sexual side effects

If I can stop it from getting any worse I’ll be ok

I wouldn’t personally. Your test will be lowering over that time as well as your aromatization to E2. AI would likely be overkill. Also, this is a short period in the grand scheme of things. Lastly, you will start feeling like crap a bit during and into the PCT period. Its jsut expected as your hormones drop.

I agree here. Lots of nasty sides from the drug.

This is a strong possibility but not guaranteed. While excessive DHT can speed it up it also just might be ‘your time’. My brother lost all his hair in his early twenties. Mine started thinning late 30s about 4 years after starting TRT. I don’t think its related… just my time. I rock the Jason Statham and just deal with it. TRT is a NEED for me.

Well I was right at 400 for test and free t was like 26 so I was on low side. But tried it because of all my sexual issues from antidepressant. It didn’t change a whole lot for me but my hair did start thinning. I wander if there comes a point where it doesnt keep making hair worse. It’s been a year or so on it. But so far it has progressively gotten worse. I’m not sure about genetics and hair loss as my 90 year old grandfather still has hair and I’ve always had thick hair. I used to have them use thinning shears on it to keep it thinner. Now my head gets sunburned and I can see right thru it. My DHT is on the low side of normal in labs, like 46 ng/dl.

Thanks for all the input. Could the anastrazole be the cause of the hair thinning? Should I eliminate the hcg and anastrazole for a month or two first and see what happens? I wouldn’t assume my hair loss would be too different in that time frame but if it improves I’d know it was probably that. Thoughts?

Not likely.

Shouldn’t affect your hairline.

If your DHT was this…

I think you are destined for hairloss and thats just the hard truth. Good luck in your quest though.

My hairline has not changed at all. It not my hairline that’s the problem it’s that my overall hair doesn’t have a lot of new growth under it it’s just really thin. You part a spot and it’s my scalp. I can see right through it. My hairline has not receeded

Like this

Similar to this but all over top

Pretty much like this on left… just thinning overall

And I had zero thinning almost too thick prior so I don’t think I was destined. No one on either side of family has hair loss. It was due to treatment. Just not sure if it was test or something else causing it. My dht isn’t on the high side serum wise anyways. But I have read AIs can cause hair thinning. And my estrogen is on lower side so can that contribute?

DUDE! I’m in the same boat… 29 year old and my crown is bare skin. my forehead is a nine-head now (lol) and i hate it. It crushes a man’s moral. Defy just upped my T3/T4 because he said my thyroid may be the culprit… i’m taking handfuls of Biotin and all I’m getting is some wild fingernail growth.

@danmeister @markc2008

Just rock the shaved head and beard look gents. It’s a great look! I almost prefer it.

Man I know some people do prefer it and it does look good on some lol but my head is not shaped for it haha.

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Hey, mark… do yourself a favor.
I am assuming you are from the US… go to walmart, get the kirkland brand minoxidil 5% 6 month supply drops. Start using that. Your hair will get thicker. the sooner you start the sooner you will keep what you got. Dont let the situation get worse.

youre still reading this arent you…
… walmart mark… walmart.

if you got the face for it SURE bald head looks great… masculine, sexy, aggressive… but if you dont have the face OR head shape for it… then it looks absolutely ODD. I fall into that category. In order for me to successfully rock a shaved/bald head. i would need a stronger jaw and a smaller nose.
however WITH hair… everything balances out and it looks proper and nice.

Agreed I don’t have the face for it. I hear ya on the Walmart minoxidil, BUT is it linked to sexual dysfunction like finasteride? I have pssd which started me on trt so I am not risking those side effects