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Stopping TRT for a While, Thyroid and Fertility

Hey guys I’m looking for guidance on my next move which is stopping trt for a while and get some thyroid issues sorted out and hopefully get the wife pregnant. We both want kids and the clock is clicking. My last protocol was 20 mg test C eod. That’s it. Last shot was over 2 weeks ago and started hcg at 250iu eod for the last 2 weeks also to get my balls back which they are looking their best at the time. I stoped hcg 2 days at the 2 week mark and started clomid at 50mg today. For clomid this is what I have plan 50/50/25/25 eod. I have never tried this pct or any pct before so any advice is welcome. Also what bloodwork to do and when and what to look for in bloodwork. Thanks.

I would go wit ED, not EOD for a restart. 3 or 4 weeks after you finish the Clomid, get your Total and Free T tested, FSH, LH, and E2 (it doesn’t hurt to know your ratio natural)

Alright so ed instead how about the clomid dosage 50/50/25/25 is that on point?

Why stop TRT? Why not just add HCG like everyone else does? How are you going to have the libido to have sex all the time in order to get her pregnant with crashed testosterone levels?


I wanna take a break from trt and get some health issues sorted out I haven’t been feeling good lately on trt… I have hypothyroidism and I wanna get that sorted out first. The baby part it’s only half of the equation I do believe sometime In the future I will be on trt but I was diagnosed with low testosterone when I have a tsh of over 75 and I think that contributed to my low levels somehow. I just wanna see how I feel of trt now that my thyroid disorder is a bit better. I can always come back to trt.

Yeah. That should do what can be done for you,

Great I will repost here once I’m done and have labs. Thanks.

Coming OFF from TRT like Bossa said seems unnecessary to me.
You can have the baby and fix your thyroid while being on TRT.

I see no reason to mess one body system while fixing another. Why not fix all?

Man I just having been feeling good on trt lately I wanna take a break and see how I look natural and I take care of one thing at a time, with trying to sort out trt and thyroid together I feel like I’m never out of a doctors clinic and and both give you symptoms that are identicals. Once I get my tsh to under 1 and my t3 on top of the range depends on how my natural test levels look I will or will not return to trt.

I hope all works out for you here, I just tried to come off TRT after a year and a half and had a really tough time towards the end of my “PCT”.
I had to go back on, which I just started on Friday. My wife and I are wanting to get pregnant again this year so I will have to try nolva or HCG while on TRT it she doesn’t get pregnant soon after trying.
How old are you, and how long were you on TRT?

I’m 34 and I been on trt for about a year also. I do understand I was put on trt because at some point I had low testosterone but also Hashimotos with a tsh of 75 which I think had to contribute to the low levels of testosterone I had since the thyroid it’s what controls the body’s metabolism. That being said if my pct doesn’t work out I will get my thyroid issue sorted out first and come back to trt after. I’m not ready to keeping hcg or anything else on top of testosterone as I am right now I feel worst then when I started trt.

I’m back sooner than I anticipated, WoW this clomid made me feel like shit literally I can’t handle this 50mg clomid another day. The anxiety I got from one dose got really bad to the point I got home from work and just started cleaning stuff, took out the pressure cleaner and stared just doing shit. My thought I was crazy. Now looking back IDk wth I was doing. I might have to try a lower dose and see if I get my hands on Nolvadex. I never thought i would react to clomid so bad.

I’ve got a question non-TRT related. Email me when you get a chance (in bio)

What pct did you use? I tried clomid 50mg but I took one pill and still feel like shit on the third day i couldn’t handle that shit

I was using nolva this time around but have used clomid many times in the past. Clomid never seemed to bother me like it does most guys, I used nolva this time around though because it doesn’t raise shbg like clomid does.
At least I’ve read it doesn’t.

Great i just got my hands on some Nolva. Gonna start doing those hopefully the sides are nothing compared to clomid. Man I’m still think like damn at how crazy one 50mg dose of clomid made me feel for 3 days even today on the 4th day I feel it’s going away but I would suggest to anyone who never has tried clomid before to start lower than 50mg.

I have known guys taking 20mg Nolvadex for 6 months as a restart. There are a huge variety of approaches and strategies out there for this, depending on who you speak to.

I’ve ran both nolva and clomid for many months straight attempting to restarted. Had no luck with the restart but I felt good and looked good. Libido was still sluggish though.