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Stopping TRT Cold Turkey

What’s up guys, question here. So I have been on TRT for about a year with solid results in size and strength. I just found out that I am deploying to the Middle East later this year. That being said, do you anticipate a stiff decline in muscle mass and strength when I stop taking it? I plan on continuing my lifting program down there. Thanks for the input

Good for you. I think I would stay on test. It is my understanding, from deployed veterans I know personally, that underground testosterone is available over there. As a citizen, I would hope our guys are in top condition and if testosterone is low, TRT should be provided. I know, officially, it is not.

Thank you for serving.

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I have known some members who were given enough medicine for overseas deployment.

Better find a way to get test ugl there to continue

Why medical TRT cannot be provided there?

The military’s official position does not align with ours.

I know a couple doctors that work at stateside facilities. Pilots, for one, are well known TRT users. It’s off the record, but they do tell the doctor what they do. These are competitive men who want to stay in peak condition.

Ok, but this guy was prescribed before deployment, so why he cannot just continue the schedule?
So the military’s position is: The pilots are important and carry out responsible jobs so they must be optimized, but the infantry are spendable and can be miserable and die in combat no problem. I bet the special forces men will also not be denied any form of optimization
Didnt this guys study history, that for example Hitler and all the SS were on TRT and they were excellent in combat?

I don’t think it is that way at all. More of a don’t ask, don’t tell. They know these guys are mostly going black market, but they’re not bouncing highly trained and skilled pilots out. They don’t discourage it, but won’t facilitate it either.

In general, the government is anti-testosterone, especially through the VA. I have many of these guys as patients.

He’s probably going through a private MD not through the military docs, they may not approve he may not want to tell them.

You could see if you could get nebido or pellets, thats last for 3 months or so, not optimal, but better than nothing, maybe. I suppose you could go off and once deployed see if anyone there has some you could buy and start back up. The nebido or pellets would help bridge that gap. It may not be worth it though, lots of help here ain’t I?

How bad where things before you started?

Based on conversations with a retired special forces operator in my gym, they have access to PALLETS of gear and are quite happy about it.

Huh? I’ve been a military pilot for 17 years and know of 2 guys out of 1000’s I’ve flown with across 4 airframes that are on TRT. Of course it’s not something you’re going to divulge except to your close friends that you can trust, so I’m sure there’s many more that I’ve flown with, but no way is it “well known”. Most military pilots are far from healthy - long work hours, deployments, hard parting, etc. take their toll. I certainly wouldn’t divulge it to a flight doc, if they’re not cool with it or a stickler you’re done flying.

I looked up the reg for TRT before I went private, it requires 2 separate AM tests at <300 to be eligible, and even then the doc has some discretion. Would be interested exactly where you’re getting the info that TRT is common for pilots.

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  1. From a doctor who was in the military and currently working at an AFB when she applied for a job in my practice.

  2. From two patients (pilots) who are currently serving.

So, yeah, I’d take your info over mine.

Was she a flight doc or just a GP? I’ve seen plenty of enlisted dudes at base gyms who were obviously on something, but we’re talking more than TRT. Just haven’t come across many pilots that I thought were “optimized” but I guess that could come down to the lifestyle issues of the military.

Not sure, we didn’t get too far.