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Stopping TRT / Clomid

Hey guys, I have a unique situation and couldn’t find the answer anywhere. I’m 27 years old, about 200lbs, muscular, in-shape.

About a year ago my doctor prescribed me test cypionate 200mg/ml to take, not for low test, but simply because my libido was low. My test was normal (in the upper 600’s). It did kind of work so he told me to stay on it. I personally upped my dosage to 1.5cc/week (300mg) and kept this for about the last year.

I realized a few months in that it wasn’t much different than when I wasn’t on any test, but was scared to stop due to the potential side effects until my body starts producing it’s own test again.

Finally I went to my doctor last week and told him I want to stop. He said no problem, prescribed me clomid, and told me everything should be fine. Below is the breakdown he told me to proceed with for the next 5 weeks:

week 1: lower test to .5cc, no clomid
week 2: lower test to .25cc, take 1 clomid pill (50mg) per day
week 3: stop test, take 2 clomid pills per day
week 4: 0 test, 1 clomid pill per day
week 5: 0 test, 1 clomid pill EVERY OTHER day

I’ve talked with a few friends who take steroids and are educated and they told me it would be better to wait a week or 2 before starting clomid because the test is still in my body.

Just want to take the best route possible with the least side effects, so looking for opinions.

Follow the HPTA restart protocol found on this site (the link escapes me right now) and never go back to that doctor again.

Prescribing test c for low libido. Insane.

Thanks, after reading everything it does sound like that is insane. I did see the HPTA restart, just not sure if my doctor will go along with this.