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Stopping TRT: Clomid Log

Hey guys! Well after struggling with dialing in TRT for 18 months, I’ve decided to stop TRT cold turkey! My last injection was Thursday August 30 so I’m now two days past my weekly injection day. I started Clomid this past Wednesday 5 Sept after seeing a new doc. I’m 27 years old was on TRT about 20 months. He prescribed 25mg ED and said that should jumpstart my own T production. (I took 50mg the first day then been at 25mg the last 3 days…was wondering if I should go back to 50mg ED). I’m already feeling a little better I know its not placebo. I haven’t had morning wood in MONTHS and 2 days on clomid I’m getting them the last few mornings! Morning word’s a little weak but is this a good sign? Still no libido and can’t keep it up for sex yet (sucks!)
I’m just worried about a crash coming off TRT.

Funny thing is, my T was already low on TRT (317ng per my bloodwork on 8/23) and the doc I went to didn’t know why so I just decided after all the headache to come off. How long will it take for clomid at 25mg ED to get my libido, motivation and muscle mass back? I know it takes patience but I don’t have any lol! The last 3 months in TRT were HELL! I even LOST muscle mass and had all the low T symptoms ON TRT (Estradiol was low @ 22 my SHBG was @ 15)

Feedback welcomed! Please

Libido on Clomid, men don’t have much of a libido on Clomid and any libido you feel in the beginning will most certainly wane. Your doctor is the reason why you quit TRT, weekly injections causes a lot of swings hormonally and your levels never got to the optimal range. Your doctor is TRT ignorant!

You should have been injecting smaller doses everyday do to your low SHBG, no wonder you felt so terrible. Low SHBG men lose more of the injected Test do to low SHBG, that it why your levels were so low.

This is where injecting smaller doses everyday is required, you are secreting testosterone into your urine quickly. If you were to measured testosterone in the urine vs the amount circulating in the blood, you would find way more in the urine.

TRT requires patience, Clomid requires even more patience and mental toughness. Your Clomid dose is sure to end in failure rather quickly, that’s a massive dose for a low SHBG guy. A Clomid dose of 12.5-25mg EOD is what I would expect to see from a knowledgeable doctor.

You need to find a knowledgeable TRT doctor, not many exist inside insurance networks.

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Thanks for your response. You’re right I quit TRT because of my doc but I wasn’t getting the benefits anymore so I decided now may be the time to come off. I was doing well for a while then hit a lot of stress from work and never really recovered. The reason I started TRT is because I messed with some prohormones and didn’t do a proper PCT because I was young and dumb and didn’t know.

So now I putting all my eggs in the Clomid basket with my new doc and I’m hoping it works. And works fast. I figured my T is already low from TRT so maybe Clomid can restart me. Its only been 4 days but how long should I try Clomid before considering TRT again?

Hey guys wanted to provide an update: been on Clomid the past 12 days now and I’m actually feeling decent. Its been two weeks since my last cyp injection…my fear is, 1. will I experience a crash? Since being on clomid my sense of well being and energy have gotten better. I’ve also been on cialis the last 7 days and have had morning wood the last 4 mornings in a row (2. is it because of the cialis or is my T level rising?) Testes still a little small, libido not really there (not sure if its low T or Clomid related)

Also, since stopping TRT I’ve lost some muscle mass/muscle fullness so I’ve been considering a SARM. 3. Is this wise since I’m on Clomid to try and boost my T levels?

Feeling ok now otherwise. Can’t wait for blood work in 2 weeks. Will keep this updated

I guess nobody cares lol day 14 on Clomid still feeling pretty good. Started Vitamin D3 last night and its the best sleep I’ve gotten in weeks! Will keep taking. Also, my doc prescribed me progesterone 25mg every night…will this help with boosting T levels and better sleep? Lastly, he prescribed me rapid dissolving test tablets lol. He said take two a day one in the morning and one at night (before workouts and sex to be a BEAST!) He said my T will spike high pretty quick but also fall pretty quick. He said the tabs don’t affect my natural T production so they’re almost like a pre workout or a Viagra before working out or sex .

Yep this is my life post TRT injections lol.

Clomid - 25mg ED
Vitamin D3 - 5000iu a night
Progesterone - 25mg a night
Test tabs - 2 ED

It doesn’t make any sense, you’re attempting to jumpstart natural production using Clomid and taking Test tabs to increase testosterone, counter productive if you ask me.

Never heard of Test tabs before, sounds like snake oil.

When guys want their libido, motivation and muscle mass back that go on a proper TRT protocol.

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27 yo here
Was on injections/hcg/ai for 2 years with total T>1200

Got off about 4 months ago, been on Clomid for 3 months.

Total T is at 683 now with 25 mg Clomid eod. I feel better than I ever did on Injections, better libido, better sex and better energy. I think my levels were way too high and I was on a tiny test dosage. My levels went from 149 to over 1200 on trt and I was able to use Clomid for a restart after coming off the injections

I take Anastrazole with my Clomid as wel and e2 being low is my only issue thus far and I’m still adjusting the ai dosage.

Overall, feel much better on the Clomid.

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Agreed, I’m skeptical on the test tablets too and think its counter productive but my doc said the tabs do not affect my natural T production because the half life of the Test tabs is 3-4 hours. Weird I know. I picked them up from a compounding pharmacy so we’ll see what happens.

I’m feeling ok now. Still not as swole as when I was getting injections but hopefully once my T comes back up, my mass comes back.

What do you think about supplementing vitamin D3 and progesterone ?

Appreciate your response…very encouraging! We’re the same age man! I was on just injections for 19 months before coming off. Its been almost 3 weeks now but I was feeling like sh*t for 2 months before coming off too so I just decided to come off altogether and try a restart. Its been 14 days and compared to the last 3 months, I feel way better!

What was your clomid dose your first month? My doc has me on 25mg ED (no AI because my E2 is low) then will adjust the dose (it’ll be a month next week and getting labs). Man your TT levels were HIGH! The highest I ever got was 918. How long till your sense of well being, libido, motivation came back and started soaring?

Day 15 on Clomid 25mg ED and I’m feeling damn good! The best I’ve felt in a 3 months!! Mood, energy, sleep, focus at work are all back. I hope a cyp crash doesn’t come or E2 get out of whack!

Been waking up the last 5 mornings with morning wood! Haven’t had that in months. Been taking cialis at night so I don’t know if its the cialis or if my natural production is kicking up

Hey man! Any updates?