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Stopping TRT After 7 Months. Nolvadex Only PCT?

Guys have stopped TRT since a week since it’s not Doing anything for me after trying for 7 months .

Please advice if it’s ok for me to dose just nolvadex 20mg for 2 months for TRT

You could. Generally it is dosed at 40 for the first week and then 20 for a total of 6 weeks. Wait at least one more week to start though, it lets the test clear your system more.

Was thinking of starting nolvadex a month after Last injection of T .

Also is it good to run pct with only nolvadex …I mean i heard it’s a weak pct or something ?

Uh, nolvadex is the PCT, and a standard one at that.

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I meant Would adding clomid be better or not necessary ?
Would prefer to be safer with less meds to use tho.

Not necessary.

@hardartery is correct. No need for two SERMs stick with Nolva. You need to wait at least 3-4 weeks after your last injection to start the regimen and I believe you mentioned a month above so that’s good.