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Stopping TRT After 7 Months. Help with Plan?

Thanks all for replies, if I would go for clomid then how long should i wait to start clomid after last HCG dose ?

I read somewhere that need to wait at least 5 days after HCG before starting clomid , is that true ?

And Should I do 4 weeks clomid ?

And the dose 50mg EOD or 25mg EOD , ? on what factors should I decide this clomid dose ?

Also , is there any difference between Clomid EOD or half the dose Every day ?

I also have some cabergoline here , can this be beneficial to take it ?

You don’t really need to wait at all as the long half life of clomid means it takes a while to build up in your system. I’d maybe even run them together for the final week but that’s a game of emotional Russian roulette.

This is standard but not fixed.

50mg EOD isn’t a relatively high dose but a good starting point probably more than enough.

Not really. Maybe in the first week or so due to long half life. At steady state no.

Can’t see why it would be helpful.

My only concern with a clomid only PCT is the possibility of getting gyno while your hormones are out of whack. You might want to add an AI if you take this route.

I’m just about finished 4 weeks of PCT and feeling pretty good this week. Initially I wanted to run clomid only but got quite bad pain in my nipple a few days in. This could have been because of the HCG I was taking but I’m not sure. I was taking Arimidex and still had gyno onset. I’ve been logging my restart and will continue updating with blood work etc for those considering coming of TRT for what ever reason.

Thanks for reply, so you say after the test is out system and stop hcg nolvadex and clomid together would be best ?

Or nolvadex only better ?

If nolvadex and clomid together what would be a ok dose for being on Test 150mg for about 7 months ?

And for nolvadex alone ?

I live in Europe so I am searching for the right tests , are the things that need to be tested before starting pct different then after 4 weeks pct ?

You say LH , FSH an TT

While Madagascarspirit says

Knowing what I know now I would run:

Stop testosterone
Run HCG only for 2-4 weeks at 500IU EOD
Start Nolva 20mg/d during the final week of HCG
Run Nolvadex for a further 5 weeks at 20mg/d

Wait 2 weeks after last Nolva tablet and get blood work.

@dixiewrecked is correct in that LH/FSH are very useful during PCT. If you can you should add them to your blood work during SERMs and on completion of PCT. There’s no point in checking after HCG only as LH/FSH will be ~ zero.

This is an absolute minimum

I’d make the argument that it’s possible to know if your are primary or secondary by getting bloodwork done after 4 weeks of HCG mono-therapy.

If the testicles are producing adequate testosterone from the LH analog, one can proceed with confidence that the “T” in HPTA are online leaving the H and P left to get going again. This is the job for SERMs.

If testosterone levels are not adequate after HCG mono-therapy it might be best to up the dose and test again or accept TRT as the best outcome. Advantages to this approach include avoiding a hypogonadal state for a period until your levels increase and not spending hundreds of dollars on bloodwork and drugs for a hopeless cause.

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I’d agree. If you respond and labs confirm it, then you can be fairly certain the balls aren’t the issue


Ok. I’ll go for that. If you get bloodwork at the end of hcg, the only useful test would be total T. All you would need to know is if your balls are working. All others are useless bc everything is gonna be out of whack.

I edited my post above


@dixiewrecked @Madagascarspirit @swoops39

Ok thank you for detailed replies,
I am already more then 3 week on Hcg only.

I posted this messages before on other forums but there I got not much good replies, then I found this forum and read about the restart method and started it.

I’m happy to get these replies from you guys and you seem experts in this.

I will do the bloodwork in a few days when I am 4 weeks on Hcg only.

Stupidly enough I didn’t do bloodwork before trt and during trt.

after 4 weeks Hcg, is it in my case also enough to test only total testosteron (as I don’t have any previous results to compare with)

big mistake to not do bloodwork before this is also the reason I want to stop first and decide later if need to do trt (and if Neede will do it on a responsible way)

I’m just afraid about this because I’m new to it

If I post the results for bloodwork here, can you guys help me out and tell me something about it ?

If your bloodwork only includes total testosterone you will know everything you need to know for the task in hand which is to determine whether you are primary or secondary.

TT, FT, SHBG & E2 will give you a very basic, cost effective but informative snapshot of how your body is responding to your current HCG mono-therapy.

You do not know what the future holds and this information can be very useful should you need to go back on TRT, HCG or a combination of the two.

When you do recover your HPTA and get blood work, you’ll know how close to your natural levels you were with your current dose of HCG. This could be useful for choosing a maintenance dose for HCG in a TRT protocol.


@dixiewrecked @Madagascarspirit @swoops39

I just got my lab results for testosteron:

11.2 nmol/l Reference 8.64 - 29.00

What does this mean ?

Could you please confirm your HCG dosing schedule

Was the blood taken in the morning?
How often do you mix your HCG?
What age are you?

You’re taking HCG right? No breaks before the blood test? If so it would suggest a low response


I mixed the last HCG bottle about 1 month ago

I used HCG the last 2 months during TRT @ 350iu EOD.

I stopped Test and continue HCG only for 2.5 week 350iu EOD and then 2 weeks increased it to 500iu EOD (so 4.5 weeks hcg only total)

I could maybe sometime missed a dose and had 1 more day between

last 2 doses before bloodwork there was also 1 extra day between dose because it was the last bottle and 400iu

Bloodwork was done in the morning

These were my results for HCG only for 4 weeks.

I was mixing a new bottle every week 2000 IU per bottle. It seems HCG becomes less potent after a while. I used to mix it monthly but noticed it didn’t work as well hence the switch. I was also taking 300IU daily and only went to 500IU in the last week.

I don’t think you were taking enough HCG and that it had also lost some of its potency. The missed dose at the end would have affected your results too.

The test levels are low but i think you are committed to this now and can move to a SERM.

Ok thanks for advice

So I have nolvadex aswell as Clomid here.

Would u recommend starting nolvadex at like 20mg ED or is 10mg ED enough ?

Could it have any benefits to take a low dose Clomid together at the same time ?

There’s mixed opinions on this. The body building community have typically used Nolvadex for 4 weeks with a dosing schedule of 40/40/20/20. This seems to be effective for many. That’s what I chose to do as I wanted to feel as though I had gave a restart my best shot and not under-dosed. I’ve added a further 2 weeks of Nolvadex tapering down as I’m keen to avoid e2 rebound.

I don’t think you need to clomid personally.

What I would say is continue taking HCG for another week after you start Nolvadex so it’s already started working when you come off. My hormones dipped in week two and it wasn’t great. Numb dick etc. Low e2 is horrible. I recovered in week 3 so it only lasted a week which wasn’t too bad. I feel I could have reduced this crash by starting SERM before coming off HCG as it’s been shown that LH and FSH increase even while on TRT with SERMs.

1,000 iu HCG weekly. Can split doses

Just a update,

I am following yours advice and also @dixiewrecked for the detailed plan he wrote.

I am now a little over 2 weeks completely without hcg and on 20mg nolvadex and 12.5mg clomid

I don’t feel any real differences yet between when on Testosteron + HCG , only HCG and now.

Maybe it will still come.

In about 6 days I will do the bloodwork like @dixiewrecked told me ,

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