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Stopping TRT After 5 Weeks (100mg/week). Do I Need PCT?

So, before you guys jump on me yes I took TRT by mistake and I know it was stupid but it wasn’t all my fault. My lab got mixed up with someone else’s and the doctor is a fucking moron (I’m in a foreign country at the moment)

I’m returning to the states this week. I’m stopping TRT. My nuts have shrunk a tiny bit that I’ve noticed and I’m worried to get back to baseline. I’m 36. I’ve done gear once in my life a long time ago, and I know my body reacts to drugs/test/anything really strong.

So, now what? Should I hop on PCT? Clomid ? nolva? for how long and at what dose do some of you recommend?

Or should I ride it out naturally since it was only for 5 weeks at a low dose?

Just stop to your TRT, you haven’t been on long enough to need a PCT.

what about the ball shrinkage? that has me worried.

the weird thing is I felt great on this stuff but I guess given 100mg boost to my already decent T levels did that lol.

I’ll definitely consider TRT in the future, but I want kids first.

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No big deal, they’ll come back, probably within a month.

Who said you can’t have kids on TRT? HCG and FSH can increase sperm production while on TRT.

but will I shut down? I already feel a bit sluggish or maybe it’s all in my head

has this been really proven though? and isn’t the HCG process a pain in the ass? I’ll do some labs again back in the states once I hit baseline to see if I really do need anything because damn did a simple 100mg boost make me feel better or again was it in my head? dunno

Yeah, my two kids prove it.

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When you take testosterone, or anabolic steroids, your body decreases production of its own testosterone. So, you were “shut down”’ shortly after starting TRT. After stopping test, or AAS, it takes a while for your body to resume its natural production of testosterone.

As an aside, both of our children were conceived towards the end of two of the biggest, and longest steroid cycles I ever did, and both included testosterone. Also, after going off cycle, the only symptoms we noticed were weight loss and our lifts decreased. Five weeks at a low dose is nothing, you’ll come back quickly.

Oh you’ll have a drop in levels right after stopping T. But yah millions of men on trt take HCG… that’s the deal.

Why would anyone take this therapy and not understand the ins and outs before starting. Especially hormones… your just now figuring all
This out! After you want to quit…

This shits mind boggling to me.

Adding HCG isn’t always the hassle it’s made out to be, working with a clueless doctor makes to entire process more difficult. Some men feel great on HCG and continue taking it.

Raising kids can be a pain in the ass as well.

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I’ve read about HCG, I’ve also read that a lot of people can’t seem to balance it out correctly, ever.

People make decisions on TRT rashly, I agree, because most guys look at all the benefits and get wide eyed but then it hits them that it is for life, and sometimes ( a lot of times) after they already start taking it they begin to realize it.

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Yes I see it and it bothers me that it’s not something they feel the need to research properly.

Anyways yah HCG and fsh. Plenty of proof it works. It’s not will it work. It will work. Fact :slight_smile:

since it works so well I’m thinking of just hopping on a 12 week strong cycle of test. i don’t need TRT (yet) but man did I feel good for a few days there towards week 5 (unless it was all mental lol)

Your going to guarantee you need trt if you think like that :slight_smile:


should I wait until I’m fully recovered before hopping on a cycle? I want to do just 1 cycle, 12 weeks. that’s it. done.

nothing crazy, maybe 400mg

Man you have a broken thinker. Your original post “oh my god I injected big mistake should I pct”. Now your asking if cycling is a good idea.

You don’t have low t. Your not suffering. It’s obvious. Guys jsut don’t ask about cycling when there suffering.

Your asking the wrong group. The pharma group will guide you but you better do the research before posting. There’s so much great information and POVs on this forum. You can create a plan without asking a single question. After the plan , that’s when one asks “how’s this look guys”…:::

Sorry to break it to ya but 400mg is probably not much of a cycle. Yah it’ll give you some gains and energy, but a baby dose cycle with body builders is a minimum of 1,000mg of cypionate and a bunch of orals and injections that have aas properties.

I think your better of calling it a blast… that’s if you are on trt.

Yeah, well, maybe I do a 500mg I’m just really worried about sides.
Plus I want to throw in some T3 since I have some on hand

So what’s going on with you. Your original post says the doc mixed up your chart with someone else and somehow you started on try and then quit. now you want to try it again but your levels are normal? be honest. we can guide you to the proper help but your not making sense to me friend.