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Stopping TRT After 3 Years


I am a young guy (only 27 years old) who was on TRT for 3 years. I’ve came a cross a post some time ago about some other dude with similar problem who said that before he’s gonna injects himself for another 50+ years, he’s gonna make sure that there’s no way he feels good being natural. I feel the exact same way. Anyway, i was ONLY on Testosterone for 3 years straight. Not taken HCG ever in my life, No AI. Just test. Stopping cold turkey is not the brightest idea i am guessing? I would be grateful for suggestion about what i should take, what amount. Is HCG good enough to restart me or some other compounds are recommended? Also, should you take HCG with AI? I’ve heard it can cause a lot of aromatisation.

Some more information is that maximum amount of test i’ve taken weekly was 150mg. In the beginning i was on not so good protocol which was 200mg of testosterone every 10 days. So i’ve floded my body with a lot amount of test and estrogen at once. Most recent protocol was 18mg daily.

I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve been off T for just over four weeks now. My HPTA Restart Attempt

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Tamoxifen 20mg daily for 4-6 weeks. Start 2-3 weeks after your last testosterone injection

Another option would be to add some hcg for a bit say a month or 2, say 250/3xw to get things going again before stopping the test inj. Keep doing hcg for a couple of weeks maybe another month. Then stop the hcg, then wait a week or so to let the hcg clear then start the tamoxifen. There’s a lot of discussion on the dosing but a 6 week run seems to be pretty popular these days at a lower dose even just 10mg/day for 6 weeks.

None of this is necessary and theres a lot of ways to get to goal line, but I think running some hcg for a while first to get things woken back up and functional makes sense.

After stopping the tamoxifen, give yourself 3 months or so and go get a horemone panel done. Same as if you were looking to start hrt. At least Total-T, free T, shbg, LH & FSH. And whever else you want to check. How do they look and how do you feel? If you’re worried about fertility get a semen analysis done, better to know where you are sooner than later.

I’d probably give it at least 6 months to a year to really determine how you’re going to do. Do your best to keep your diet & exercise going you should be able to get back to close to where you were before starting trt. I wouldn’t expect to be any better than that though.

This is mostly speculation on my part. I’ve never run hcg or Tam or tried a pct. Others that have may have better advice.

Good luck.

I’m not quite understanding why get off TRT? Other than I guess it stops your body from making it naturally? I heard once you’re on it you better stay on it or you’ll end up with lower levels than you started with is that wrong?