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Stopping Tren After 2 Shots/2 Weeks, Help?


Hello, it was my first time using Tren E and i got 2 shots of 10 mg each in 2 weeks. I dont like the effect so I decided to quit. How can i fix it? shoul I continue with test, or directly into HCG and nolva PTC?
My age 38, 80 kgs and 1.75 mts height


I’m no expert but you took 20mg TOTAL?
I wouldn’t imagine that would do much at all.
From what I’ve read most people use 50mg every other day to start.

So I dont think you have much to worry about. But you should have researched that better.


Just stop and you’ll be fine… Some women pin more than that really low dose. You will be okay.


I hated the side effects ( days without sleeping) and my dick is limb. I sill stick to Nolva then. Or any PTC ?