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Stopping Tren After 2 Shots/2 Weeks, Help?

Hello, it was my first time using Tren E and i got 2 shots of 10 mg each in 2 weeks. I dont like the effect so I decided to quit. How can i fix it? shoul I continue with test, or directly into HCG and nolva PTC?
My age 38, 80 kgs and 1.75 mts height

I’m no expert but you took 20mg TOTAL?
I wouldn’t imagine that would do much at all.
From what I’ve read most people use 50mg every other day to start.

So I dont think you have much to worry about. But you should have researched that better.

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Just stop and you’ll be fine… Some women pin more than that really low dose. You will be okay.


I hated the side effects ( days without sleeping) and my dick is limb. I sill stick to Nolva then. Or any PTC ?