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Stopping to Smell the Roses?

This was a very cool Washington Post Magazine article where they did a little experiment and had a world class violinist outside of a DC Metro station as a street musician for about an hour. The article has some clips and talks about what actually occurs

I know that I do need to adjust my hectic pace and my “go go go” attitude to appreciate life a little more fully at times.

What do you think?

I’ll stop for tulips.

That was really interesting, thanks for posting it. It made me kind of sad and wistful. I remember commuting into Boston for an old job and just keeping my head down and getting to work. Now I stay home with my kids and it’s a different pace, but still too much rushing and running around.

I wonder how different the reaction would have been if it had been on a weekend day? But I suppose that’s the point…

This was a really, really good article, thanks for posting it. The writer just does an excellent job of something I cant quite put my finger on, but manages to extract every ounce of meaning and significance from the event as well as the background thereof.

I sent the article to everyone I know and your right about the way the writer wrote article there is something but it’s hard to describe it.

That was a pretty amazing article.

Thanks for posting it.

A link to the audio from that day - 44 minutes of violin, I’m not huge into classical music but it was nice to listen to this while doing some work.