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Stopping Test/Mast Cycle Briefly and then Starting Again?

So, I’ve been digging around, asked some friends, but no one seems to be able to give me a confident answer.

I’m currently running Test E 500mg/week pinning 250mg on Monday and Thursday.
I’m stacking this with Mast prop doing 450mg/week. Pinning every other or every third day depending on how my body is feeling/responding.

But, I just ran into an issue, in about 3 weeks I’ll have to stop pinning for about 11 days. Something unexpected came up and I can’t bring my vials and pins with me.

Would I be able to just pick back up where I left off when I get back? Or would it be better to just start my PCT and move on?

As always, I appreciate any and all help.

11 days isn’t ideal, but you’ll survive. Load up a double shot the day before you leave and by the time you get back you’ll still have enough testosterone left in your body to be a normally functioning man.

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