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Stopping Test Cyp Cycle After 2 Pins, No PCT

Hi All,

I am stopping my Test Cyp Cycle after 2 pins, i am at risk medically if i continue.

I only took 2 Test Cyp Doses 2 weeks apart (NO AI, NO PCT) Just Test CYP. first dose was 275 Mg and second was 300 MG

After 2 pins, what can i expect with respects to getting my natural Test back? My bloods before were 542 Test, and Estogen were normal. I just got my bloodwork taken and should have results in a few days. I stopped pinning 3 days ago.

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

Just let it ride and forget you ever did it.

Unlikely you’ll notice anything different in your life.

What was the thought process here? Were you planning shots every two weeks for your cycle?

SO i got my new bloodwork updated results below;
Test- 1048
Free Test - 242
Estrodial- 42

I stopped pinning, and to be clear, it was 2 shots, spaced a week apart. Im wondering if my natural production has shut down and im going to experience a crash. Any thoughts feedback will be appreciated.

Why did you get blood work done, man? That was a huge waste of money. You’re still processing the existing testosterone from your injections. Your numbers don’t tell you anything. Unless you got LH and FSH done as well?


Blood work is free where I live, so no harm.


Well you’re pretty close to shut down. So expect a few weeks of discomfort coming up here as the testosterone clears and your system gets back to normal.

Update- i deff feel my test low and Estrogen high. i had a week of tiredness, but now i feel OK, my Gyno is mildly flaring up, and also just feel puffy. When can i expect my estorgen to lower back to its normal levels?