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Stopping T Replacement


First time on here if im on the wrong thread please let me know. I have a few questions and concerns. I have been off of everything as of dec 2011, had total and free test results for free was low end of the scale but within, the normal measure scale was 2-15 i was 2.7.

went my doctor she suggessted test theraphy, started with the jell for two months brought my levels high, she than put me on test cyp 2cc,100ml for a month for the next 4 months,it seems like low amounts however im shutting down boys are shrinking, noticed 2 months ago, my doctor does not know what shes doing i talked to some bodybuilders.

I have done steroids in the past short cycles never test mostly cutters. Was advised most people go on theraphy for life. ive decided i dont want to getting side effects. im crashing do to cyp having half life of 7 days and getting injections once a month.i have other sides depressed, aches in testes defintly in astrophy for sure.

My question is im going to stop test theraphy, i wanted know if anyoe agrees with me doing a PCT, it was suggested. I started aromisson, i have started one shot HCG 1000iu and also have clomid, i itend to go off test therphy. IF there are any suggestions please give feed back thanks.


not the wrong thread, but you really really should read all of the sticky threads at the top of this forum... then come back with questions.

you have a bad doc and the standard reaction to that regimen.
PCT may or may not do anything.


Ya thanks sorry guys im very new, just concerned, i just had full blood work done a week ago before starting PCT,if theres any suggestions for PCT or anything else please let me know, i will post blood work when it comes in, O im 44 years old. 200 lbs, and thanks again i know my doc is bad she didnt even tell me amout no sperm production, i have no kids might want to, ya well cant change the past have to deal with what i have please help if you ca thanks.


Thanks read the above forums,is there anyone think i should add or change anything to this PCT, two weeks after last shot aromasin 12.5, 5000iu for ten days and than clomid, please if anyone thinks i should do somthing different or add, i have a dr appoint on dec 12 with blood results diffeent docter urol, dont have much faih in the doctors at all.