Stopping SPAM!!!

Please someone tell me how to block email that
i receive that doesn’t even give the option to ‘unsubscribe’. I receive spam on a daily basis and I can tell that it comes from the same ‘person’ only they change their email address every time so that it’s impossible to block them or trace who is sending it. Does anyone have any step by step instructions on how to find out where it’s coming from and how to stop it?? I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

First, NEVER reply to the ‘remove me from your list’. All that does is confirm to these morons that yours is a valid email address. Then it’s up for sale! Short of changing your address and starting over, about all you can do is use tools in your email software to try and block them. I personally love Lotus Notes for this reason! It allows you to make your own rules for deleting emails from you inbox before you even see them!

First off, use “Block Sender” or something like it in your Options folder. Although, if the spammer’s constantly changing their sending name, then it may not do any good. Worth a shot, though.

But if you have Hotmail’s free service, they’ve made some changes lately and, unless you start paying for it, you’re going to keep getting it. Apparently, MSN wanted more customers to pay for the service so, as an incentive to sign up, they opened the flood gates to all spammers on the free accounts… now they hit ya all day long. I got sick of dealing with it, so I created a new Hotmail account hoping that I’d have awhile before the spam started. Nope. I came back a day later and had 75 sitting in there… even with the “Junk Filter” turned on “High”.

Here’s what I did. I bought a domain name. I have email redirection with it, which means that I can make an unlimited number of email address at my domain, and point them to ‘real’ addresses. for example, I could have point to a real address that my ISP provides. Here’s the tricky part. I also make an address called Whenever I sign up for something online, I give them the spam address, which I have set to automatically get deleted. If I need confirmation for something, I’ll just give them an email address like, and when they email it, I can see what mail is coming from where (and if they sold my info later!). That also lets me block things out. Just a thought.

That’s interesting about Hotmail. I had noticed a large increase int he amount of spam I got a few months back, but didn’t realize that it was due to a policy change on Microsoft’s part. But it doesn’t particularly surprise me.

I guess the only way to stop this sort of thing is to just stop using Hotmail. Hear that, Microsoft? This dissatisfied customer is NO LONGER USING YOUR SERVICE!

(Cut to shot of a mosquito buzzing around an elephant…)