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Stopping HCG. Increase Test Dose?

Hey guys… I’ve been on 44mg test cyp every 3 days IM for awhile now and introduced hcg for the last 5 weeks. It never helped my libido and honestly didn’t notice much of anything except the added cost and poke. (40units every 3 days)

I’m all out of the hcg vile I was using now and don’t want to mix the last vile to save it for the future if I ever want to experiment with it again. So should I increase my test cyp dose or is the added T from the hcg to small to notice?

Going out on a limb and saying that taking such a small dose is why you didn’t notice anything. Taking 16% of the normal dose will often give you <16% of the intended result.

Sorry man… I meant 400IU every 3 days… still the same advice?

In that case you can tinker with the test dose. 88mg/w isn’t particularly high, so for most guys that’s not going to make a big impact. What does your current protocol put you at, numbers wise? Like TT, FT, e2, SHBG?

These were my numbers on
100mg split every 3.5 days
Same dose amount just changed frequency and haven’t done bloods yet.

TT 1100
E2 27.3

I thought my dose was 100?
44mg Every 3 days?

You said you didn’t notice a difference, so if your levels increased you didn’t notice a difference.

Good point…

Trying to not get slammed by you guys… but I’ve always suspected I didn’t aromatize enough with just using testosterone and that’s why I added the hCG for more E2…but like I said I didn’t feel much…
I know this was not a popular idea but I ordered some over-the-counter estrogen cream and I’ve been applying that in the morning and I’ve never felt better…but now I’m scared that I’m taking it too far?
It equally out to 2.3mg of E2 per click. Is this crazy?

No slamming here. I’ve mentioned giving guys E2. You’ve never felt better, why change anything? Even with rx creams, it’s difficult to know how well the cream will be absorbed. Labs will tell you for sure.

Thanks Highpull… everyone freaks out when I tell them this… like I’m transitioning into a women or something. I’m gonna drop the hcg and run this cream for awhile and see what my bloods look like.

Yes, that is 100mg/week. Lots of people say every 3 days and “mean” every 3.5 days which is 88/week. If you’re actually doing every 3 days then yeah, it’s 100mg/week.

If I had your numbers I wouldn’t feel great either. I need higher e2, so do you. If what you’re doing works then go for it. You’ll know when (if) you’ve overdone it.

Thanks man… it’s pretty unreal how good I feel. It’s everything I wanted trt to be but it’s always felt unnatural and off… these last 4 days it’s like a lightbulb went off and after 2-1/2 years the honeymoon phase finally hit me. I will also say I’ve been on these boards for 2 1/2 years and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read about guys crashing their estrogen with AI’s and nobody had a having a solution…I stumble on a over the counter estrogen cream from Amazon… how come know bro’s or dr’s ever told me to go do that? that would’ve totally helped me