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stopping for geese near road

Boy am I glad I don’t live near federal land… lol

Honestly geese are almost being considered a “pest” animal around some parts of minnesota now.
They are really making a mess of golf courses and some farm fields.

I still just don’t understand why someone can’t drive their car near them, the whole point of stopping to watch them waddle across road while placing you and several other cars in direct danger just doesn’t jive with common sense.

If someone wants to really watch geese, fine, go watch them at any park/golf course/lake/pond/whatever… Just don’t park your car in the middle of the road with no signs of you being stopped (talking peeps who put car in park and dont have brakes or hazards on).

Too bad shotties make so much noise and geese taste so bad…

A friend of mine saw this guy cross a goose’s path one day and the goose lunged at him and nipped him in the groin. The guy rolled around on the ground clutching his balls and the goose just stood over him, like he was making sure the guy new who was boss.

I told y’all a few months ago that the animal community has been engaged in a highly sophisticated plot to exact revenge on humans. I rest my case.

That IS stupid, I would not tolerate that type of idiocy. Just run them over slowly so that you don’t dent your car. Or carry a supersoaker xp and blast them out of the way, the water will startle them. I can’t believe people would wait for geese, we are like, a million years more evolved than them. It would surprise me greatly if geese were even aware that they existed.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here, and say that, oh I don’t know, ~karma~ just might, possibly, not like geese a teeny, weeny bit?

Mamann, you are brilliant!

But wrong.

Me likey geesey.

Here geesey, geesey. Here geesey…

For some reason, I don’t really think you’re being that sincere, are you ~karma~? I just don’t seem to feel the love there for Mr. and Mrs. Goose…

Look, if ~karma~ wants a goose…

Good one, Mage!

And if more than one of us is willing to provide the goose, then the poor girl is stuck with “geese” all over again!


Soooo, are you guys saying you’ll give me all the gooses I want? he he heeee And I can do with them as I will? :wink:

And people who saw that commercial with the squirrels and the unsuspecting motorist thought it was cute. We just broadcast their plan to take over nationwide. Another thought, just how many critters have you flushed down the toilet? Makes you wonder what may happen the next time you gotta go!

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