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Stopping First Cycle Early, Need Help

Hi guys and girls,

I need you’re advise I have been lurking and reading on this forum for a very long time now and thought I needed to ask.

I’m 28 and I done my first pin earlier of test e 450mg and realised this just isn’t for me (instant regret).

It’s just a question to ask if pct will be necessary? I have nolva on hand

Thanks in advance

What made you change your mind? Just curious.

No PCT required.

Just move on brother, no PCT.

If it’s one shot only and even with it being long chain enanthate I think you are fine. You will have some lower testosterone production because of the shot but I bet everything will be fine in a very short while. You just haven’t had long term suppression, like 12 weeks, so I bet your HPTA loop is fine. I don’t think you even need to bother with the nolva but if you are worried then take 10mgs every other day starting about a week after your shot. Do that for 2-3 weeks and be done with it.