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Stopping First Cycle Due to Heart Palpitations

I’ve been on cycle for 2 1/2 weeks, pinned a total of 5 times. Was only taking 350mg test cypionate but reduced to 300 just to see if my heart would calm down.

My heart literally skips beats so hard and is such an abnormal heart rhythm I couldn’t even train without feeling like my heart was going to stop. It skips a beat then beats super hard to make up for the one it lost. My blood pressure was like 150/93, I even gave blood to reduce hemoglobin (it was like 16gpd). My body/muscles feel absolutely incredible, but I literally feel like I’m going to go into cardiac arrest my dudes.

So I’m pissed. Gonna stop my cycle I guess. I was saving my HCG for week 6, but should I go ahead and put 250/500iu’s in me for the next week to wake my testes up? I guess I"m not even gonna bother with my Nolvadex since I’ve only been on cycle for 2 1/2 weeks…

Just tips on getting my endogenous levels back up would be appreciated…

This happens all the time with guys starting TRT because their doc gave them too much.
example Crazy Anxiety After First TRT Shot

Usually if they drop the dose and give the body time the heart issues never come back.

You should be able to do the same thing. Try a 200mg/wk for 10 weeks. Divide the shots into 3 so each dose is small. Switch over to subQ instead of IM This will also slow the T dump into your blood.
If you can get thru the 200 for 10 then next cycle try 300 for 12 divided 3 way again to keep the dose low and just keep working up from there.
Good luck

EDIT: It is really a good idea to get bloods ran before your cycle. You need to know how thick (HCT)your blood is before you start because it will get a lot thicker and raise your blood pressure. If your HCT is >49% you should donate a pint of whole blood at the local red cross.

Get a ekg aswell and make sure you have no underlying issues. There is also a heat test where you are exercising while they do it I forgot name but get that as well

I’ve had an EKG before (few years ago). Results reflected an abnormal heart rhythm. Getting echo cardiogram next week…

Thanks for advice dude.