Stopping First Cycle After Two Pins/5 Dbol Doses. Help?

Hey so I started a cycle. Realized I’m not really as about this as I thought. Can I stop now or will I be in trouble? I’ve pinned test e two times last Thursday 250mg and Monday 250mg. I’ve also taken 50mg Dianabol 5 times. The shots of test make my leg so cramped up and sore I cannot move or hardly walk and is totally obvious and I can’t keep lying like this at work. What will happen is if stop right now? Is it too late to stop with out PCT? Also took anastrozle .5ml 3x.

Please help. I’m really just trying to fix this before it gets out of control. The shots literally make it so I cannot walk basically without a serious limp. My sex drive has gone to shit. I really fucked this one up boys.

Why did you think you were ready for gear in the first place?

Stupid I guess. I don’t really know.

My coach sort of convinced me or told me stuff I wanted to hear Etc. 100% my fault tho. I cut Down to 10% body fat then thought I’d do a cycle to get big faster. He then informed me I’d be on a blast and cruise and gear was a decision for life. I’m honestly tripping balls and just wanna go back to natty.

Why not just give the guy advice? He has already admitted as much as he needed. He owes no further explanation.

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Your coach was/is a moron. You dont need to blast and cruise for life.

Did you do Quad, intra-muscular shots? What was the Test you were using? I am going to guess you crashed your E2 by taking so much AI, that would explain you not having any sex drive. Please explain more about your protocol? Size needles? Locations of shots? Did you alternate legs? Did you flex the muscle before jabbing it in?

To answer your question, Yes, you can just quit. You are not beyond any point of no return. You will return to normal very shortly. I dont think any PCT would be necessary, as you probably have not shut down your natural Test yet. For your firs cycle, If you are even interested in continuing, I would get rid of the Dbol and AI. Just stop using them both. Keep the AI on hand only for serious E2 side effects. Stop taking the AI.

EDIT: You are being to hard on yourself. You really havent fucked up anything yet. It takes more balls to admit this and fix it now VS coming back in here in 3 months asking for help.


It was 250mg/ml test e. I sat in a chair and shot it into the top slightly off center towards right once and then tried the left. With an insulin needle. Both times it just Cramped or I’m honestly not sure caused my muscle to not operate properly, extreme soreness. I can’t really walk without limping for 3-4 days then I’m supposed to do another shot. It’s pretty obvious to co-workers and family and I don’t really want to tell them what’s up or continue lying. I did not alternate legs for fear of both of my legs being fucked then I’d really be fubar. At least now I can limp around.

Thank you so much. I know I sound like a huge pussy. I’m not really worried about that. I’m seriously concerned and I just got jn way over my head and really didn’t know what I was doing.

The AI is the anistrozle? I have pretty much no idea what that even does. I wish my coach had explained this all way better to me I would’ve realized I wasn’t ready. How long does natural T take to shut down? A lot of this could be in my head I’m really not having a good time haha.

To be honest, that is just Post Injection Pain, PiP. You are sticking virgin muscles. Kinda comes with the territory. I use 25g in my Quads twice a week for TrT. Been on that protocol for 18 months now. Had PiP like this twice. Every now and then I might hit a nerve but shit happens. I inject Tues and Sat, always alternating legs. Get some pain reliever, Ice pack, then heat, you will be fine.

Yes. More than likely this is what killed sex drive. The AI keeps the Test from aromatizing to Estrogen. High levels of E2 are cause of some unpleasant side effects. Water retention, bloating, moody, weak boners, etc. Better to have elevated E2 VS crashing your E2 through the use of AI’s as you can see.

If I am not mistaken, it could take 3-4 weeks to shut down natural Test through the use of AAS’s.

Cut this shit out. I am all for helping BUT, you decided to put these drugs into your body. You could have told the coach, I am not ready yet. The coach is a douche bag, but the responsibility falls on you.

It is recommended that first timers stick to the First Cycle of just Test, usually 400-500 mgs per week, divided into 2 shots every 3.5 days. 12-14 weeks. Have AI’s on hand along with Nolvadex for signs of gyno and to be used at time of PCT.

You not knowing what an AI does makes it very clear you were unready for gear use. Please educate yourself on anything you are about to put into your body.

You dont sound like pussy, not a huge one at least. A lot of guys freak out when they get that PiP. Most think it is some sort of infection. Like I said, takes balls to admit you arent ready. At least now, you will know you need more education in this area before attempting again.

AI stops the aromatization process.
Nolvadex allows the aromatization process to take place, but binds to the receptors in breast tissue so that the Estrogen can not bind there. Thus stopping the formation of Gyno. Nolvadex will not treat or stop the other symptoms associated with elevated E2

Okay excellent. Thank you. I wasn’t trying to blame my coach sorry if I came off like that. I think I was just asking what i wanted to hear. I just had to google most of what you were talking about. I was misinformed and should’ve done much more research. Sounds like there is a lot more to this than I had realized.

I was under the impression you just stick to the meal plan, lift really intense and get big gains. I’m just now seeing the other information. Thank you very much for the intel and stopping me from really tripping balls. I think for now my best bet is to stop the gear and have a conversation with the coach about a new plan going forward.

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Try lower quad middle. I am doing my TRT shots about 4 or 5 inches up from the knee these days, no pain, no problem. When I go to where you describe I have issues. It’s individual. And inject SLOW. You can even pause here and there. Some people are really sensitive to the depot that forms.

These guys are dead on. I don’t know your stats or if you should be on. But assuming you’re good to go, then don’t give up.

Lower your AI, that’ll fix sex drive.

Pin glutes if you can. Always massage the injection site for 30-60 seconds. Heat pack can help get through the first few weeks. It gets much better.

Run it for 12 weeks. Then take nothing for 2 weeks, then run Nolvadex 40/40/20/20. You do not have to continue staying on. That’s absurd. There are benefits to it, but not a must. PCT does suck, you’ll feel kinda shitty, but it’ll pass.

Why would you have a conversation with him? He’s unreliable. His advice is bad. Stop listening to dumb people and your life will improve immensely. Find a new coach. Find someone who has an idea of what they’re talking about. Find someone who cares about your health first.


Stats are age 26. 5’10” 165# 12% bodyfat

Your stats are small, no offense. You’re the same height as me, and I was 175 @ 8% before I even considered steroids, and waiting until I was 180, even then, I felt a little premature with it.

You have a lot left in your natural tank. Ditch your trainer, he’s a tool and giving you bad advice. Eat enough, train hard, get a bit more size to you, a bit more strength, and consider it a bit more down the road if you’re still this into the lifestyle in a few years.

Just a recommendation. You can entirely finish this cycle out, run PCT, then decide down the road to run another or not.

Either way, Ditch your trainer, the advice he gave you is appalling, and nothing should be trusted coming from his mouth. He recommended serious hormonal altering drugs to someone who did not need them, nor was ready for them.


Thank you everyone for the help/replies. This really fucked my head up and my motivation for the gym. I fucking love the gym and making gains and progressing towards goals. I should’ve done much more research than I did. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Can someone explain PCT just a quick summary?
Also what would be the results of 12 weeks test e on the 500? I’m so glad there’s people willing to help me. I couldn’t talk to anyone in real life about this and was literally tripping balls thinking I really fucked myself up.

I honestly think the best bet would be to stop and re-evaluate my goals and learn as much as possible about the risks and rewards of this. Seeing as I am totally ignorant.

Yeah I know haha. It’s part of the reason I wanted to do this. I just didn’t fully understand what exactly I was getting into and trusted my coach after we had a really good cut. I went from 220/165 and felt really good and thought I could trust him. I’m not trying to blame him though. I should’ve done more research.

Can anyone tell me why he’d put someone on their first cycle on so much? What was the point of the dbal?

I think stopping, reevaluating, learning and researching, and then later figuring out if this is for you is the proper and mature decision. Not many guys have your willingness and matureness to make that decision, it’s refreshing to see.

PCT is post cycle therapy. After you end, it helps your body kick start production of testosterone again. By taking steroids, you have shut down your natural production. So this helps kick start your recover.

Your trainer put you on this probably to help you grow bigger, with putting in less work, as hoping to make you a poster boy for what he’s helped you do. He’s reckless. That, or he doesn’t understand the risks, which is reckless as well.

You also took too much Ai, and probably crashed your estrogen, which is why you’re feeling like you have no sex drive.

You didn’t take much, thankfully. So you should recover just fine in a bit of time. Hang around here, read more.

220 to 165 is a great big deal, you killed it. Being 220 at one point tells me GAINING is easier for you than for someone like me. Tells me you definitely have some ability to put on more muscle NATURALLY before you resort to AAS use.

Research some on your own. Then ask questions if you are not understanding. You cant be spoon fed all the time. PCT - Post Cycle Therapy.