Stopping Deca (Side Effects)

Ok, ive bene working out for like 5 years now (pushups, situps, pullups, swimming). I gained a lot of muscle and wanted to gain more, i was 5’10" 255 lbs before i started taking roids.

My friend on my dorm floor hooked me up with dbols, winny (the stuff McGwire used right?) and deca. I took 1 mg of deca a week for 8 weeks and man that stuff is rough, haha! definitely moody and felt that roidrage that people talk about, only problem is that i got decadick right. So im wondering if I stop taking the deca (i only have 2 mls left) and start taking the winny and dbol if that will help?

I am taking winny and dbol so i can get both the lean gains from winstrol, and then big water gains from dbol (best of both worlds). I might take the dbol and winny now and then use the last 2 mls of deca after im done with them? Planning on running dbol and winny @ 120 mgs a day. And when i started roiding i started hitting the gym, im using a cycle program where i hit every body part, since its intense i only have to do it 2x a week so my body can recover. Pic of me is now, notice the big biceps, best body part :slight_smile:

Advice? Im new to this and need help, lol.

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A more amusing effort than 99% of the troll posts on this site.