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Stopping Cycle Early... Very Early


I was starting a 2 weeker consisting of Tren Ace/Var/Dianabol at 100mg/80mg/10mg.

First day I frontloaded the Tren with 200mg, second day was 100mg. Var 80mg both days. On the night of the second day I "tweaked" my back and I will probably be out of the gym for a at least a few days or so while I recover (assuming it's nothing serious) so I decided to halt the cycle for now.

Should I take a SERM for a while as a precautionary measure, maybe 20mg Nolva for a week? Also, how long should I wait before starting up again? Thanks.


2 days of injections caused no suppression.

Proceed as if you never started.


Thanks for the confirmation, BONEZ.