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Stopping Cycle Early Protocol

Started a cycle on the 7th. Ive taken 5 jabs so far at about 180mg test E each. So im about 2.5 weeks in and realizing im just not mentally prepared for another cycle. Prior to this i have been off since early july. I want to stay off for awhile. Although training and diet are perfect im just not committed and doing it for the wrong reasons.

I have clomid on hand so i was thinking of waiting two weeks from last jab then running clomid for 10-15 days at 50/25 and thinking that would set me straight. Of course i would like any advice on this. I plan on getting bloods done after i finish clomid. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

and when this is all said and done when should I get blood work? I was assuming around 2 weeks after last day of clomid. Also what should I test?

Free test

thanks guys