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Stopping Clomid Cold Turkey Before TRT Transition

My doc wants me to stop clomid cold turkey on the night before my first TRT morning injection. Is this wise or should i taper down clomid while starting TRT?

Note: doc proscribed 150 a week with what ever injection scedule i prefer. Ill be starting e3.5d and transition to eod after im used to injecting my self. Subq 31g 6mm to start

That sounds wrong, a clomid restart is an attempt to stop clomid and see if natural productions picks up from there. If it fails, then you start TRT.

If you levels are no good on clomid, there there is little time to waste, start TRT.

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For what it’s worth - I start my very first T cyp injection tomorrow night under Defy’s care. I’ve been on Clomid for 8 years. They told me wait 5 days from my last dose of Clomid to start. I’ve got the opposite concern of you - knowing the long half life of Clomid, I’m concerned that I’ll effectively be having exogenous T and Clomid concomitantly until the Clomid washes out. This has me concerned about immediate sides and/or an over the top initial response. But I consulted with Defy again and they reassured me not to fret.


My levels are 460 on Clomid. Been on it 5 years.

Wow 8 years. I wish mine would work that long. My levels, according to my doc, will never recover on there own. Im switching to TRT mostly cause clomid is failing. Head aches, mood swings causing merrital issues.

Jan 2020 im switching to defy. Waiting mostly due to miney issues. But def not gonna wait on TRT. i know alot from this forum and Mr Campbell to know alittle bit of what not to do.

Hopfully the transitions not insane. Good luck on yours bud. :slight_smile:

Reading other threads here i have seen talks about taking clomid with trt. So, its abit all over the place.

Yes, it’s all very confusing. Clomid got me up into the 600s for years but my SHBG has climbed into the 60s over time so I’m kinda back at baseline.

Thanks and good luck to you!

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With defy, do they let you pay everything up front for the year?

I haven’t had that experience but not sure…

Hey is suplementing pregnenolone always a must with TRT?