Stopping Armor Thyroid

Does anyone have any experience with stopping Armor Thyroid medication that was prescribed as part of TRT. I currently take 60mg daily.

I had to stop taking it. I was told to start half a grain and go up half a grain every two weeks. Was at one and a half grains (90mgs I think) when I started having bad symptoms that seemed like thyroid over medication. I stopped everything and got checked out by a cardiologist. I am back on trt only and have been ok for the most part. I was starting to get crazy anxiety and my blood pressure and resting heart rate were really high.

I’ve taken it and stopped.

What was your thyroid values before you started? After?

Why do you want to stop?

Same questions as galgenstrick.

I’ve never stopped cold turkey, but I did reduce my dose several years back from 90mg to 60mg. I did it in 15mg steps 90 to 75 (for 4 weeks), then to 60. I had no difficulty with this slow step-wise approach. I was having hyperthyroid symptoms (mostly anxiety) at 90mg. This went away at 60mg. Also it was elevating my SHBG too much at 90mg. It sill does at 60mg, but it is easier to compensate with T than when I was at 90mg.