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Stopping Anavar/Winstrol Cycle After 3 Weeks. Need PCT?

Started a winny/ anavar cycle at 50 mg each. It’s not been 3 weeks but it’s making me feel to sick to continue so I’m going to stop. Will I need PCT for this?

You should, yes. Also, what result did you expect when you combined two toxic orals at once? I’m surprised you made it three weeks to be honest. That’s a super dumb combination unless you’re planning on stepping out on stage soon.

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Yes you will need pct.

Where did you get this cycle idea from?

A friend of mine did the same thing, would you suggest just dropping the winny and stick with the var or drop all together and pct and start over with test?

Did you test your var? Heaven forbid you’re possibly taking 50mg of DBol and 50mg of winny.

Taking an oral only is one of the worst ideas, let alone running TWO orals at once.

PCT, recover, run Test E only for 10-12 weeks. Wait a good bit of time after pct from this nonsense cycle before running test.

Yes it’s 100% var. How much PCT would you think I’d need? Would I need half the amount since it was half the time I would have cycled? I should have done test to begin with but I didn’t want to blow up too quick.

Suppression is suppression is suppression!

There is a chance that a slightly less intense PCT could be enough but there is no way to know how less intense and how well it will work without doing it. Do you want to run the risk of an incomplete PCT and not realizing it until a month or two after you stop when you go get blood work done? Just run a regular Nolvadex PCT and sleep easy knowing that you have your bases covered.

Your comment about not wanting to use test yet so you don’t blow up to quickly along with your winny plus anavar cycle leads me to believe you need to not touch this stuff again for a long while. I noticed you did not state your age your handle says 1991 so hopefully that is your birth year.
In the future never use someone’s choices and experiences to make your choices for you. A very shot but of research would have let you know about why two orals and orals only are two rules we do not break. Don’t listen to your friends most of them are probably full of shit anyways. Use your brain and the internet to educate yourself before doing anymore gear.

Seriously “not wanting to blow up too quickly” is not the mindset of anyone who should touch gear, they just don’t go together.


That is not how this game works.
All you did was shutdown all your natural T production.
It is not a cycle if T is not the primary.
Its just some kid fucking around with AAS’s they really know nothing about.

I’d think that amt of orals would make many feel somewhat sick due to hepatotoxicity + nephrotoxicity.

Bet you’re lipids are fucked beyond belief. Do you by any chance feel like you have mosquito bites all over you’re body and you’re uncontrollably itching yourself to death?