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Stopping AI on Test Cycle?

Been on 250 mg of test prop
And 500 mg of e! For 2.5 weeks, 50 mg of proviron
And 12.5 aromasin Ed! Feel nothing prop and proviron should have kicked in my doctor is refusing bloodwork and don’t have extra cash!
What should I do? Someone told me my e2 is crashed I have had morning wood in 2 years.

There is nothing you can do expect wait for your body to make more aromatase enzymes, you have been taking an absurd amount of aromasin which kills off aromatase enzymes.

If I even take a quarter of aromasin weeks go by where my joints are screwed.

I’m an AI over-responder and can’t ever take it again.

How long have you been taking aromasin every other day?

I meant to say eod typo!

Eod I mean!

This is why a first cycle should be test only at a manageable dose. Play dumb games, win dumb prizes.


Yes steroids are drugs and they are very powerful but there isn’t this altered state that effects you dramatically like cocaine or heroin. Some guys do notice the feeling more than others but really the mood or emotional side effects are fairly minor and if anything you will just feel better on cycle. So you not “feeling” it kick in is totally normal. My early cycles I did feel something but it was just like I felt intense.

That aromasin dose is high. Earlier in my cycle history I definitely seemed to aromatize wet compounds more than the next guy, that is if you assume my AI was properly dosed and you went by how much I needed vs the next guy. When I was running test at 500 or around that per week I would have crashed my estrogen with 12.5 EOD. If I were you I would stop the AI (aromasin) and wait and see if in two to three weeks you even show signs of high estrogen, you probably won’t. If you do then start at a dose of 12.5mg on the days you inject the test enanthate, provided you are doing two equal shots per week. With how fast test prop is in and out of your system I don’t think it would cause a significant increase of the aromatizing enzyme (that’s what turns test into Estrogen). So all in all if you do show signs of high estrogen after about 3 weeks of not taking any aromasin then dose the aromasin in accordance with the test enanthate dosage. I really don’t think you will even show signs of high estrogen and then on top of that you are taking Proviron (it has an anti estrogen like effect).

And just FYI, too high AND too low amounts of estrogen can effect your libido aka sexual performance aka morning wood. I am willing to bet your situation is going on because you took too much aromasin, so just stop taking it and self monitor to see if you even need it all. And don’t panic if everything doesn’t immediately improve after you stop the aromasin, you have to wait for it to fully clear your system, then wait for it’s after effects to go away, you have to allow time for estrogen to “reform” in your system, and then you have to allow time for the estrogen to do what it does. In the meanwhile research signs of high and signs of low estrogen in men. When I say research I mean read and read and read, you need to educate yourself if you plan on using gear. Heck even if you plan to never take gear again you need to know this stuff for your current situation.

So for now just relax, so many guys that are new to steroids freak out when it’s different from what they imagined. Just so you know you should have done quite a bit of research before starting and I don’t get the feeling you did much more than skim the surface of “what to do for your first steroid cycle.”
For now, since I believe you probably didn’t worry about this before, you need to get your PCT lined out. That stands for Post Cycle Therapy. Maybe focusing on that will help you not panic or worry.

I will close with something I haven’t said in a while but probably should say regularly when the situation calls for it. 'I notice you did not state your age."

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AI can be tricky to dial in correctly.
2.5 weeks, You should start to feel the positive effects soon. Have some nolvadex on hand, it will mitigate any gyno symptions. 10-20mg/day.

I just dont understand why people are so afraid of estrogen.

Schools have got to stop teaching that it is strictly a “female” hormone.


There’s a lot that schools need to stop teaching.

When will I get a sex drive boost!

So is my cycle gone to shit! No sex drive boost or anything? Like I said low sex drive is my only symptom of crashed e2 otherwise I feel fine just depressed have had low sex drive for years now and miss being able to masturbate everyday!

Go get help from a doctor. Given your other posts, you appear to need physical and mental assistance. You seem ill prepared to be running a cycle, and have ignored all the advice people have given you in your countless other threads.

Did you get blood work done prior to starting? Have you seen a doctor for your low libido? Or did you just hop on test trying to self medicate to fix a problem?


Yes urologist said it was in my head! And gave me viagra! Other doctor said it’s ridiculous and I’m fine!
Seen a shrink says I’m just depressed with life no mental illness or anything!

Well then, if it’s in your head, steroids will not fix that. Go get more help. Shouldn’t be messing around with these drugs while you’re dealing with these issues.


You are so focused that you are not getting it, that or possibly I just didn’t verbalize it well enough for you to register.

Your crashed estrogen could and most likely is the cause of the erection issues so relax because I have told you how to let your estrogen levels come back up. To reiterate all you have to do for your estrogen to come back up is simply stop taking the aromasin. Remember I said you probably needed more research before starting? If you had read more you would have understood that the aromasin stops the process where your body turns testosterone into estrogen and if you accidentally lowered the estrogen too low all you needed to do was stop taking the aromasin.

I am re saying this, relax, everything that is going on is very simple to correct but it will not be instant. Most likely you could see a difference in about a week but it could take two. It just takes time for stuff to happen in our bodies. If you keep focusing on how you are having issues then when the estrogen is back up and you can physically function a mental stress block will take over. Do whatever you have to to not think about it or try to get an erection for the next two weeks and that way all of a sudden you will have one and all your worries are over.
There is a saying if a guy is stressed and one day he can’t get an erection it is just a one time thing and nothing to worry about, if he is still stressed and has an issue a second time then he is impotent in his mind and in practice. Again just relax and do everything you can to not think about it while you wait for the estrogen to come back.

You just gotta give it a couple more weeks and see how it works on you specifically.

Last time I took a ai was Monday! When should I start again? Was think about waiting till next Tuesday to start give it a week off! And I can get a erection just don’t feel any desire to oragasm!

I agree with @aaronca in that you need to shop around for a shrink that can help you.

In my opinion I dont believe you are in the proper head space to be playing with your hormones. I think in the end your going to do more damage then good


Okay you are really starting to show something here. Just STOP! I have clearly stated you needed 2-3 weeks just to see if you even need any AI. I am willing to bet if you never touch another dose of aromasin the entire rest of your cycle then you will be completely fine and have no issues. So many guys here have been saying that. I get the feeling you do your research to find an answer you have in your head and you stick to it no matter how many guys with experience say otherwise. I have news for you, that is why you are in this situation. A lot of what we all need to know in this world is learned through personal experience but we have a knowledge base to start that journey. Your knowledge base is based off of looking for personal problems then thinking a compound s will fix it instantly (when it comes to steroids expecting a fix within a week is instant in this world, again our bodies just take time to adjust).

I am going to yet again say this in a new way but still the same message. I am going word it a bit more firmly because I feel like I am talking to a hyper squirrel right now (and you still haven’t given your age as I recall).
Stop the aromasin dosage PERIOD! At 2-3 weeks start self monitoring for signs of high estrogen. Chances are you will not see any at your dosage and then you are taking Proviron on top of that so you will have to have a seriously sensitive body to estrogen to show signs of high estrogen given your current protocols.
IF at 3 weeks (or later) you feel you are seeing signs of high estrogen then come back and get the opinions of the members here. You are to focused and not listening to try and self medicate yourself through this.
Again I am willing to bet that with NO aromasin you will not show signs of high estrogen and thus be perfectly fine for the remainder of your cycle.

Remember to relax. I feel like you are so wound up and worried that there isnt instant relief that even when you do get everything back in order you will have given yourself a complex that nothing will fix.

I really think after this cycle you should take some time and find a way to gain some confidence in life away from all this worry. I was similar to you when I was younger that’s why I keep bringing up the whole “you haven’t told us your age.” From experience I can tell you that you need to get out and just accomplish stuff. As you age this panic thing you are experiencing can subside but only if you find a way to focus on positive things.

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I predict in 2-3 weeks, he’s going to have water retention, mood swings, maybe elevated E2, not crazy and he is going to be posting again.

I wish people would be providing this guy with places for mental health docs. This is the same guy that created threads about How he gets more pussy while on gear. Blood in his vial, is he going to die, when can he start Tren, A thread about his bench being weak but claimed it was 375.

I truly feel sorry for this guy. He needs mental health help.