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Stopping After 8 Weeks?


The image is a 16 week cycle. rather high dosage it's labeled as a massive mass kit. But if my myostatin slow and stops growth around week 8. Why is there a need to go this many week?


Once myostatin increases you either change drugs, or you increase you dosages, which is what this protocol does.


Ok I Got ya there So if you were to do the same cycle lest say start at 500mg 1-8 then 750 mg 9-12 and 1000mg 13-16 would that be just as good. I'm taking it that cycle would be for somebody a lot larger then me. plus I was also wondering about the myostatin after week 8 wouldn't that keep increasing up the body though it was working. So would it be better to change up instead of increase?


Don't order from them... Just my 2 cents.

Lastly if you stop growing on that cycle your not eating or your training is shit.


I'm still looking into setting up my 2nd cycle. I don't need to go that hard for my 2nd cycle. I was just wondering about this one. I remembered somebody posting about myostatin stopping your gains after eight weeks. So I thought I would ask.

Thanks for the advice Reed. But I know of two places and I know I can trust this place. for now at lease. I head they are a select scam-er so I will keep my orders small.


BTW just wondering how do you know who they are by the pic? I just didn't want to type it all out so I did it the easy way.


Well apparently I was selected hahaha. But I do know some who have had success but, just not worth it to me espeacially since they seem to only select higher dollar cycles like this. But, I wish you luck and hope everything goes good with them.

Because they are the only lab I have ever seen use that layout and color scheme plus, I know how they like to set up pre designed kits and am I obviously do my home work a lot before dropping a couple hundred dollars. Especially to a over seas group.


Yea I didn't do the kits. If I needed that amount or more. I think I would just keep it at small orders. Why loose everything when you can just loose part of it or none


Fair enough.


With that source, there is a certain way to do it where I have never had a select scam issue.


I have the email address. So I just asked where my package was. He explaned to me that it will show up on tracking when it got in my country and he was right. He even threw in a extra something for me.