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Stopping a Cycle After One Week

I am 29yo male, just started cycle of 500mg per week test e. Seriously reconsidering and wanting to stop, primarily because of concerns of total hpta shutdown, and/or permanent hypogonadism. I realize I jumped into this too quickly and on the assurances of others without doing enough adequate research myself.

My question is, if i stop now, (having pinned twice 250mg in one week) will my hpta still shutdown and if so do I need to apply PCT for my libido/sperm count to increase again? If so, I have clomid on hand. How much should I take considering how short my “cycle” was?

You should’ve done your research before taking gear. Nonetheless taking Testosterone only for your first cycle is the norm, will it shut you down permanently? Probably not, from what I know permanent shutdown can happen in some rare cases especially in older dudes but it always depends on your genetics. Even after just two weeks of injections the risk is still there, your natural Test production is at 0 now so you should wait two weeks and take clomid or nolva at the regular dose and see what happens, I would keep an eye on bloods if I were you …

** Or just finish the cycle and do proper PCT, I don’t see how finishing the cycle will increase the risk of HPTA shutdown and permanent hypogomadism, at least you’ll have the gains imo

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You are already shut down. You wont become.more shut down. Why waste the money and test. You are probably just getting anxiety that will go away eventually.