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Stopped TRT Last Month, Anxiety/Heart Rate Issues

After talking to dr. Saya from defy medical he wants to change my treatment to 12mg eod. But since my levels were all messed up from my prior doctors we both decides to wait til my levels were normal since my estrogen was coming up from a crash and my ferritin was so low.and start from a clean slate. It’s been a month since my last weekly injection. My blood pressure has been good. But my heart rate is all over the place. 77-105. Is this normal from stopping treatment temporarily? Also, what about anxiety could it all just be anxiety from getting off treatment? Thanks

Your testosterone levels are very low and anxiety is expected.

You mean 12mg every day, right?

No 12 eod 36 mg a week… I’m very sensitive to it my dr. Says says. Said he wants me to start low then if I need more hell increase instead of starting me high then lowering it

So could that cause my fast heart rate just not being on my treatment? I still got about 4 weeks to go before my doctor wanrs me to start after new labs. So im just making sure it can be all related to not being on treatment. I was on treatment 10 months total

Yes, my heart rates were high pre-TRT because testosterone affects the cardiovascular system when testosterone is low.

How low did your ferritin get? Are you short of breath when you have the increased heart rate?
Some folks report strange things happening when they start TRT with their HR but I have never seen anyone report HR issues when coming off.
Do you take any kind of blood pressure or heart medication?

When my ferritin crashed I had to drop my T dose by a lot until the ferritin was back in range.

Because of my prior treatment. 100 mg a week
I had to have 7 phloebotomies in 7 months due to My hematocrit constantly getting high. My ferritin got to 20. Now its rising. I did have shortness of breath but that is getting better. I go Feb 15th to check labs again.

Did they recommend iron and vit C daily for your ferritin?

Yeah I’m taking 18 mg of iron everyday with vitamin c. And im trying to incorporate some iron foods as well.

HaHa yep I was eating a plastic tub of boiled chicken livers every week. I also swapped to spinash for my large lunch chefs salad.

I’m eating livers and spinach too lol. I dont like livers that much but if it helps me feel better I will. What were your low ferritin symptoms? And for how long?

You just boiled em? Might have to try that I dont like eating alot of fried stuff. Maybe I’ll try boiling livers. Did it make them chewy like gizzards

No used chicken and rice cambells soup to boil them in.
Its not bad they are not tough like gizzards and they cook in about 3 minutes.

If you are not into canned soups you could do chicken bone broth and wild rice.

Sounds yummy honestly lol. Did you have fast heart rate witu low ferritin?

I’m sure there is some correlation to TRT and heart rate, but just to illustrate the flip side of that coin, my heart rates are all over the place with or without TRT. It was erratic before and it still is. I track my heart rate continuously on my Health App using my Apple Watch. Been doing that for a long time. On workout days, I can go as high as 150 and as low as 60. On weekends, it varies between 75-112. Always has.

Have you ever tracked your HR before TRT?

No I had no heart issues on TRT or when I had to drop my T dose to 60mg/wk because of ferritin. I’ve just read a lot of guys having heart issues when the start TRT.

You crashed your ferritin do to a stupid doctor I listened to a so call hrt guru on another TRT forum back when I was a rookie what a dip shit he cost me 8 month while my ferritin recovered.

No i didn’t check before trt. Wish i had. Thanks for replying that may be my case

What symptoms did you have from low ferritin and it took you 8 months to get it to level 100ish?

No prob.

Here’s a screenshot from yesterday…

Did yours go to 121 without exercise. That’s a big fluctuation. How do you feel when its that high? it’s good to know heart rate changes so much lol