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Stopped TRT Due to Low Libido and ED

i was on trt 2 years ago for just over a year but found i got alot of ed issues and low libido. I was on 100mg cyp a week until i decided to get off. Iv been even lower on my test from blood results and feel terrible. im almost 50 and am thinking about going back on but do not want these same issues coming back. has anyone else encountered this?

100mg is a very low dose I’m my opinion, did you ever try 200mg per week to see how you feel ?

I’m not sure what your injection frequency was but I have found at least for me if I do anything other than everyday I get severe ED. I would think it’s got to do with aromatization. If you havent yet I would try that. Also as the other person said 100mg a week really isn’t much. Perhaps try more. My T levels didn’t even really budge and I started out at 150. To get into high normal I need 250mg a week.

I went up a little higher and I was over mid range on my t levels. It’s funny you say that you inject everyday because I’ve been checking things out and that’s exactly what I was thinking may be the key. You inject sub Q? Also do you use an ai? I find it’s to hard to keep everything dialed in with to many things

Did your libido get better injecting everyday?

Don’ do either of those. Stick to IM (shallow into the quads is easy and painless) and I suggest 200mg a week for 8 weeks and take it from there. Split into EOD or ED and then stick with it.

Me too I’m on 250mg per week
Tuesday’s and Friday split,
My libido is very good,

I’m 48 and my libido isn’t what it was and I want to boost it. Has anyone had their libido go up and stronger erectors since starting trt?

Missing libido isn’t always hormonal, there are many other things that affect libido.

Things that affect libido:

  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Poor sleep
  • Medications
  • Stress/depression
  • Low testosterone
  • Infections
  • High prolactin
  • Low thyroid hormones
  • Alcohol & drugs
  • Surgery
  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol

Guys that are sensitive to fluctuations do a lot better on ED or EOD. Were you basically always the same all the time at 100mg? If you were just constantly the same, there is a good chance your dose was just too low. If it varied depending on how close you are to the injection, then it wasn’t just the dose. I did twice a week for a long time, now I’m at once a week and even at a lower dose I have better libido and drive. The gym gains were excellent on twice a week, but I was just blah otherwise. Be careful about jumping too high to start. Personally, I would try 150 mg first, and ease up from there depending on how things are.

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I think starting at about 150 mg makes the most sense. 150 is kinda the middle ground, and going up or down from there is going to be easier. Some need less than 100, some 200+ a week. Starting at 150, makes it a bit easier to get your right dose IMO.

Thanks guys, I think I will try 150mg a week in levying sub Q everyday

Yes, massively. I felt the best libido on 160mg/week, almost too high. I upped my dose to 220mg and libido has gone down a bit, but it hasn’t been too long on the higher dose.

I would start with IM injections, and try SubQ later if you’re squeamish with the needles. Not really any benefit to SubQ for most guys. It’s pretty rare that someone would do better SubQ than IM.

I’d try IM, 3x a week, if you aren’t getting much out of subQ. You wouldn’t be the first that has lower levels on subQ than IM. I don’t know why.

It’s because the hormones can be absorbed into the fat tissue and get stored there for a long time. Especially if you’re overweight and injecting into a big fat pad.

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I seen a video in which Danny Bossa does sub Q everyday and it works well apparently. Isn’t like to inject daily to keep a steady dose and avoid a lot of scar tissue from IM. I’m hoping this will increase libido

Not an actual issue anyone has ever had. Just sayin’.

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Does anyone else on here inject IM everyday and if so do you have issues? Also how much hcg should I take with my test?

I inject EOD, I alternate between deltoids. No issues at all.

Don’t take HCG until your testosterone is dialed. You don’t need it unless trying to regain fertility.

Did the trt increase anyones libido? Now my doctor says there is no evidence that trt increases libido and helps with ed at all. It didnt with me before but im guessing it was my protocal.