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Stopped TRT Due to Hair Loss, Still Losing It. Help?

Never had hairloss. no one in fam has hair loss. Started trt 1 year ago. Hair loss started. Came off TRT due to hairloss. While i was on TRT for ~1 year i tried everything. 1% Nizoral Shampoo, Finasteride etc. All bloodworks were in check, thyroidetc. I was with Defy. None of it worked.

I was taking CYtomel, HCG, Finasteride, and 125mg/wk Test cyp. On Finasteride my DHT level was 26. Hair kept falling out even with low dht. I then came off HCG and retested in a few months to see if that was the cause, and still my hairloss was same pace. After i came off HCG at this time i went for 3 months on finasteride, cytomel, and trt only and nothing else. Free Test was at 25, estradiol was 44.7, dht was at 26. DHT was at 26. Same hairloss pace. Psa has never been above 1.4 even prior to Finasteride. Iron level were normal. I got off Cytomel for few months, and was only Finasteride and TRT and nothing changed. So i decided to come off TRT all together due to hair. I’ve been off TRT and everything for 1 month since. Same hairloss pace.

My scalp itches since it basically started, i’ve got a huge pimple that keeps popping up in same place in back of head for last 6 months. Any recommendations as to what is causing my hairloss and what i should do? Inflammation in the scalp? I’ve tried all the shampoos and derma rollers as well. Thoughts?

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The YouTube channel “More Plates More Dates” has good content related to hair loss. I haven’t had issues my self, but I watch that channel (it is more of a BBing channel), and there have been numerous videos on the topic. Seems pretty science based too.

How old are you? You might have just reached your hair loss age, and TRT is only a minor effect?

One thing you did not mention is minoxidil. That is proven to work for some.

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I’m 34. Thanks i’ll check out the youtube channel.

I don’t have experience in this area, so referring you is about all I can do. Hopefully, you can get a response from someone who has reversed hair loss. That channel is pretty solid IMO. Should provide some helpful info.

I haven’t heard him say that. Last I heard he said 100 mg of Test P gets him to top of the range. I have heard him say that 100-150mg gets most men to therapeutic high levels. Maybe that is not true?

Maybe the 50 mg advice is older content? I would be interested to watch if you can find it.

There probably is a bit of truth to that if you look at average TRT vs average non-TRT. If you say TRT should only get you to middle of TT range, then it is going to be minimal.

I don’t care if it is an advantage physically, I care if what I am doing it safe.

I started on 150, and now at 200 mg/wk. Seem to be doing pretty well at that dose, but was good on 150 mg too.

I would say on knowledge he is on par (or better) with posters on T-nation, which you go to for info. Additionally, his content is free. Most of the top physicians are not offering free content (although some on YouTube are).

I think he has good advise outside of what a TRT doctor is going to know (cycling info).

I am not saying his channel is a one stop shop, more of a good place to get a perspective. He usually has research backing his claims (at least lately).

He is most definitely a bro though…

He never said that.
He took 100 mg of propionate for a while and his total T was 500 ng/dL.
He bumped it to 125 mg of propionate doing dailies and he is at 1100 ng/dL. He said he feel well at that level.
Bear in mind that the propionate esters weights less than cypionate and enanthate, so that would correspond to 150 mg of propionate or enanthate.

He’s probably one of the best channel in terms of pharmacology and science back data.
He also published data showing how E2 is responsible for the neuro and cardio protective of testosterone, but that tends to climb when E2 and T become to spike too much.

He always said if you are on TRT, even within the physiological lab range, you’re not natural.
And that can’t be disputed.
Try to reach 6% body fat natural and then with TRT and report back the difference.

I have done my own research on the topic for a while, because messing up with steroids and finasteride when I was in my 20s brought me to TRT.

If you don’t have a family history of AGA, I would probably rule it out, but you may have been unlucky and got a couple of generations back with your genes and took them from one of your elder relatives.
What you need to do is go to a thrychologist and get a scalp biopsy to check if you have miniaturization ongoing. If so, you will get diagnosed with AGA.

But from how you describe it, it sounds to me like telogen effluvium or seborrheic dermatitis.
Especially because when you came off of T, it didn’t slow down at least.
Once you remove the cause, all the hairs will grow back.

The blood tests don’t reveal much if it’s AGA. DHT is the same as E2, and you don’t really know the activity in the follicles or if the androgen receptors in the follicles are highly sensitive.
Serum T is a more reliable measure, since it get converted in the follicles into DHT, but even in a state of total deprivation of DHT in the scalp, testosterone can still lead to miniaturization. Just more slowly than DHT.

Hair is overrated. Shave it off and live to the fullest.

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Hey bro. An you let me know what you come up with referring to the hair I’m 31 and going through the same thing

This happened to me within the first year on TRT, huge pimple that just wouldn’t go away and drained fluid constantly. It turned out my dosage was too high and lowering it corrected the problem.

Your issues sound a lot like PFS as far as the itchy scalp/hair problems.