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Stopped Test Cycle Cold Turkey, Side Effects


So I did a test e cycle for 12 weeks

Everything was going good until for some reason I started to have IBS symptoms like my organs were so inflammated that it caused me a gastrocardiac problem where my bowel was pushing my diaphragm making my heart beat fast as hell.
Therefore I decided to stop cold turkey thinking that I could probably be having a cardiac problem cause of the test, ignoring the gut issues because It wouldnt cross my mind my stomach could get me in trouble like that.

Long story short and two ECGs later I found out my hormones were out of whack (no s**t) and that caused the IBS, thats why women get it all the time, I know my estrogen is high cause I have acne on the left side of my face, I dont even sleep on my left side because of the ibs, so I know its not a infection or somehing like that also that Im not prone to acne, Ive never suffered from anxiety but I have experienced two panic attacks outta nowhere since stopping the cycle.

Currently taking a multi v and Mk 677 for recovery

Ive been having these problems since november of last year.

What can I do to fix this?

Give it time

Do a proper pct

Or take an AI and then cruise on prop?

What do you guys think?

Holy fuck

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My thoughts exactly. Dude do a PCT and throw your gear away lol

Sounds like you should chill out on the gear for a long time. I mean I’d be a little worried about taking pct drugs with all the health problems. If you got dirty gear I wouldn’t trust the pct drugs either.
If you aren’t completely feeling like absolute shit try some HCG and some mild e blocker for a couple weeks to get the boys perked up a bit. And lay low, Eat health, Drink a lot of water, and give it time.

And get off the damn sarms man. Who knows all the side effects for that? Any company can put whatever they want in those capsules.

How much Testosterone were you taking just curious?

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That’s a great example of what he shouldn’t do.


Then tell him what to do.

Someone already did.

It wasnt the gear because It’s pharma grade test e
It was me being a douchebag
Since it was christmas time I just wasnt 100% commited, Id be eating fast food everyday and skipping gym sessions, drinking partying etc

Since it’s been 2 months already side effects aren’t as bad as they were in the very beginning, although they’re still present, my hormones are still out of whack because sometimes I get hot flashes and sex drive isn’t what it used to be.

I will certainly do a proper pct and hop on another cycle in mid april since I learned a huge lesson in one of the worst way possible, it forced me to diet lose weight and be disciplined cause if I didn’t the chest pains dizziness and constant feeling of passing the f out would make my day a living nightmare, it even made me more responsible with school lol, Worst experience I’ve ever had but boy do I needed it.
ALL OF THIS could’ve been avoided and could’ve gotten my way outta this nightmare if I would’ve been less cocky and a little more knowledgeable about high estrogen side effects, Yet I’d still pick this over the anxiety sides guys that are prone to it would get if they dont do a pct. It was fun tho I got to learn alot about myself

I’m gonna get back on track

I’ll be posting my before and after pics in june

How much Testosterone were you taking?

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250 mgs a week

I doubt you had high estrogen sides from 250mg.

So did I but then I started to break out, also I wasnt pinning the days I had to, also I bumped up the dose every now or then, who knows but I can forsure say that the hormonal unbalance triggered a lot of side effects, no necessarily high E2, never had those problems before

How are you doing now? I crashed my estrogen in February and have let it rise since. I’m still panicky and have night sweats, they just aren’t as bad. I’m thinking I let it raise too high and am now having minor sides from too much estrogen like mood swings and nervousness. Never had panic attacks before all of this shit and I’ve done other cycles… I just did them a safer way. :man_facepalming:t3:

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Hey man, Im doing better not still have some problems as apperantly is some form of bacteria that is causing all of these symptoms, Ive been treated with magnets and so far its gotten a lot better but still have that feeling of somethings wrong, symptoms present again after a few weeks, so I just really dont know, Im just waiting for ky body to recover, I feel good like if I didnt have any symptoms I would be at the top of the world since my diet is very clean, I dont think the test was 100% responsible, but still drs havent figured what is going on in my body, Im gonna do an mri with the intentions of finding out what is the thing causing it wish me luck