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Stopped Tcyp After 8wks, Worried About Fertility

Hello everyone-

My name is Charlie and I am 41 years old! I currently weight 290. I went to Dr. this past fall to have some bloodwork done, since I had not been for over 15 years. I had gained alot of weight over the last 2-3 years (40pounds), mainly around my stomach, and was concerned about diabetes/thyroid etc.

Anyway, I was cleared of diabetes, however doc called me and said I had low Test levels and recommended Test injections- he said it would be good for losing belly fat and staying lean/gaining some muscle etc—sounded good! Here is my dliemma- my wife and I have been trying to conceive/get pregnant, and she has always had some hormone issues and challenges.

I have always had great fertility/sperm lab results (3-4 tests). Bottom line is the general family doctor did not mention that this could shut me down or be harmful with fertility. I even asked him about this, and he said it is good for sperm motility and production. I rcvd my first shot in December 200mg of Tcyp. I returned in January and did not feel any difference after 3 weeks. So he then started doing weekly of 200mg ew for the last 7 weeks.

I am concerned because I did not realize this could be an ongoing process (hence TRT), again doc never mentioned this. I was due for a shot this week on Tuesday and skipped it. I met with doc and asked questions about what was his plans, and he didnt have a clue in relationship to PCT or HCG/AI’s etc. He just said he would taper me off!!! I asked to see an endo- going 2morror/Friday.

Here is the deal I got a copy of my original labs from November (First & only lab), and my total test was 362 ng/dl ranfe of 280-800, and my Free Test (Direct): 8.3pg/ml range of 6.8-21.5. My free test seems low comparesd to Total. Any thoughts??

Also, should I consider taking some HCG for a few weeks to help out until I decide or get with ENDO?? Main concern is fertility & also getting my natural levels back to where they were!!! I think through better diet, losing some weight, getting more sleep -terrrible sleep patterns/ and test boosters, loweering estrogen etc. that I will be ok in the 400-500 range!

Anyone agree/ disagree?? I just dont wanna be on injections the rest of my life unless absolute necessary ya know! I would really appreciate some feedback and any ideas/ concerns! Lastly, what should I ask the endo on my appointment tomorrow??? Thanks

read the advice for new guys sticky and the protocol for injections sticky

stay on T injections and inject 250iu hCG EOD to preserver your testicles and fertility

I dont want to continue with the injections. That is a lifetime thing and the endo, as well as myself dont feel it is necessary. My main question is should i take some HCG now, or do hcg + PCT/clomid, or just do a PCT since I stopped my shots almosat 2 weeks ago?? I have some hcg and ready 2 go, but dont have a serm yet or any supps for a PCT. Few folks have told me not to worry about any PCT, since i only rcvd 8 shots of Tcyp 200mg, any thoughts on that???