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Stopped Producing Ear Wax Since Being on TRT

I noticed a lot of changes in my body starting TRT at 33 and having congenital hypogonadotropic hypogonadism…I went from 0 facial hair and 0 chest hair to a full beard and chest hair…grew hair in arm pit, all around body. Lost about 60 pounds.

One odd thing I’ve noticed is that I don’t make any earwax anymore…suppression of waxy/steroidogensis makes sense, it’s just very odd and wonder if anyone else saw that.

Physical benefits have been night and day, but my libido and erections are actually much much worse than when I was at 171ng/dL-290ng/dL.

I’m on 140mg/week that troughs me at 757 ng/dL with an E2 of 19-25 at trough.


If libido is of concern raise your dose. I didn’t have any change in libido until I was at 185mg and it went from blah to sky high. With 700 at trough you have room to increase your dose. I’d personally shoot for 1000 if it were me.


That’s what I’d like, but endocrinologist already thinks I’m high. I don’t really want to get off insurance covered TRT and go to a clinic, and I’ve tried a few endo’s around here…one woman said she’d never go higher than 100mg every 2 weeks, a urologist who said he has no idea about TRT, it’s just…depressing.

These specialists book 3-4 months out at least, and it’s a complete waste of time and money.

I might be able to get a little higher from this endo, I was on 150mg/week 6 years ago but got off when I was originally dianosed at 26 for a variety of reasons.

At 150mg/week I felt amazing…but I was also drinking, and my trough was only 550.

So…I feel like there’s some dopamine stuff going on too. I’m at a higher trough than I was 6 years ago…but I’m sober now, and depressed 24/7 and can’t sleep at all.

I always think it’s my e2 but…tests say it’s not. I have a lot of detailed bloodwork but I deleted my imgur post.

My SHBG is 14-17 so I may move to more frequent injections. I had metabolic syndrome and was pre-diabetic, but that comes with hypogonadism.

You need to stop using these idiot ENDO’S they dont care to help men properly. 100mg is a joke. she is stupid and has no clue what she’s doing.

I don’t know about you, but my health and longevity of wellness is wort a couple grand a year at least.

I’m already paying more with normal insurance honestly because my insurance is sh@T, $2,750 deductible, and I pay for 90% of my bloodwork and $150 per endo visit every 3 months…medicine is $25 a month for T but, the appointments and blood is almost entirely out of pocket so yeah, it’s getting comparable to a clinic.

The issue I fear with a clinic is 1, getting that original physical, finding a reputable one, the ones around me when I’ve approached them with prior labwork and my diagnosis, didn’t even read it and said fill this out pay us $550. There was no…connection at all.

I agree they do not care about men, let alone hypogonadal men, even if staying hypogonadal would give me diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, an unhappy life, and death. I havn’t been laid since I was 17…because at 26 my T was 171 ng/dL.

It is frustrating to no end, to be viewed as a roid head / fellon for wanting testosterone so I don’t look like a hairless eunech virgin.

140mg/week felt ok at first but I think with my SHBG being so low, my FT is always above range, and I feel worse…because my free estradiol and estrogens I’m sure are also high, and not bound to SHBG.

Dude for $150/month you can have all your problems fixed including the ones you don’t realize you have until they are better. You probably waste that much on stupid shit anyway. One day when you get fed up enough and go that route you’ll be pissed you waited. I can put you in touch with a doc over the phone that will have that 220mg/week shipped out tomorrow to do what you want with.


Happy to accept a PM if a legit doc. I’d still like to be able to travel and live my life, only felt “alive” the past 10 months since i’ve started TRT and it aint perfect yet. I had to beg endo to run E2 and all this stuff he doesn’t believe in it, he’s on the old 200mg/14 days but I talked him into weekly and getting my trough above 600.

I’m in New England area. Thanks.

I have no ear wax when my testosterone is low, initially upon starting TRT my ears become clogged with earwax, then it clears up after a couple of weeks and earwax volume is normal exactly the way it was prior to being diagnosed with low-T.

100mg is as much as any natural high testosterone male produce. The only joke here is you “muh 300mg a week!!”".

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@equel - I’ve also wondered if dropping my dose would make me feel better. Some people say they feel great when they go up…some people say they feel great when they go down.

However I had been on 100mg/week when I originally started and I really did feel awful later in the week, and my TT coming back at 330-350ng/dL on trough I supposed supported that.

The issue I have now is I don’t know if I should be dialing back my dose or bumping it up.

It’s a legit doc. Email in bio. I’ve been using him for 3 years.

Do not listen to anything @equel says until you go back in his post history and read everything he’s posted. He’s the most miserable guy (assuming he’s a male but that’s not confirmed) on this forum. He needs a T increase worse than anyone here.


I don’t want to insert myself into your feud with enackers but you can’t compare taking test exogenously to endogenous production. On average a man produces 7mg of test a day. Try taking 49mg a week of test and see how you feel. Some people feel fine on 100mg, others need a little more, and yes there are those that like to push the envelope and claim they are doing TRT with TT of 2000. Personally I don’t care. Bodybuilders take 5g+ a week of gear and have test levels of 40K. That’s their choice. If they want to do that I could care less.

This isnt really a TRT forum, it people on long term steroid cycles trying to kid themselves

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Yep, so true, lots of fools here these days

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Yes, it is indeed exactly the same hormone.

Doesn’t mean it is metabolized the same when taken exogenously. Take 49mg per week and your trough will be lower than if you didn’t take any. Even if you took 7mg per day I doubt most would be above 400.

Lol at this Guy, i suggest u Read ur own post history as u Keep getting demolished by me. You guys are hilarious promoting cycles as “trt”, “cuz it makes me feel Good!”, :wink:

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Agreed but factor in the ester weight and you would be perfect.

Spending that much money you can find one of the docs our there that are hormone specific. Like my doctor dr Nichols, Jeffery rutherbusch, dr Eric Serrano, and etc

Clinics suck. They only want to make money. But they give you what you need. What they don’t do is think preventative and long term health. That’s something guys like my doc do.

Think about the benefits as you stated for T. Pregnanalone; thyroid, DHEA, melatonin, and etc

For woman it’s even more important. My wife used defy and they sucked. She switched to Angie Nichols and it was night and day in how she outlined her HRT.

You are saying the right things and seem to have a grasp on hormones similar to mine. I also understand your predicament. Right now you just need to make sure you get the right dose.