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Stopped Making Progress


This is Sev1xn. I am new to this forum.
I train Static Contraction Training.
How do I get progress in 90 degree biceps curls? Training in other bodyparts is progressing.
How do you hold dumbbell between legs or feet without discomfort.

My equipment at present

pick a better routine


I have following equipment: 2 barbells, 2 dumbbells, EZ-curl bar power cage and training bench.


Do you have pictures or are we going to have to take your word for it?


Now time to get your following. Next step, instagram and #belfie.


You are going have to take my word for it.


I imagine the point of this topic is to brag about our equipment at present, so here is the most recent picture I have of mine.

Since that time I have added a Prowler II, an Apollon’s axle from Ironmind, 50’ of 2" rope and a pulling harness.

EDIT: So that I don’t look like a total jerk, when I originally posted here, the topic was “My equipment at present” with the following text.

And I mean, sure, I could delete this post, but I REALLY like that picture.


Yeah, I merged the threads because there was no real question in the equipment one and he started this one around the same time.

Why? What’s your goal? Sisco-type static training is generally considered to be a half-step above pointless for size gains and only slightly more effective than that for strength gains. Even with that, there’s not often much carryover to full ROM lifts. But hey, you get to load the bar heavy and who doesn’t love that?

There are plenty of programs on the site that can be done with the minimal equipment you have.

And for reference, what are your current stats (height, weight, fat level, strength levels in the basic lifts?)


Oh yeah, it was the right move. I just wanted to save internet face.

I’ll also contribute that one of the best moves a trainee with 2 barbells can perform is this

Car deadlift simulator. Awesome movement.


Good stuff. A few people have been suggesting that. Curious if you’ve heard of them being done one-armed instead?

Obviously it’d be a lesser overall load and have more of an ab-stabilizing component, just wondering your take on that variation?


I wouldn’t see it being terribly beneficial, or at least I would see it taking away some of the primary benefits of the movement. What I find great about this is that it’s VERY non-technical; you pick up the weight and go. There’s not a lot of hip hinging or magic or anything like that involved. As a result, you can go stupid heavy with it and REALLY tax the body. I was doing something like 9 45lb plates per side prior to my injury, putting a TON of strain on my body and really learning how to push hard.

Making it 1 armed is going to make it more of a balancing act, and suddenly introduce a new element of technique into it. Unless you specifically NEED that, I couldn’t see a specific reason to do that. Might work better with a farmer’s walk handle.

I HAVE done these 1 legged though, which actually worked out decently well still. The weight balanced on either side helped out.


That is one sexy gym, where did you get your sandbag from?


Ironmind. It honestly didn’t hold up very well, and I had to use a lot of gorilla tape to keep it together, but I think I may have got a lemon. Everyone else has rave reviews for it.

And, I mean, it still works well, just has some rips.