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Stopped HCG. What Next?

So after some advice on older posts and having a think over things I have stopped taking HCG for around 2 weeks now, all the negative symptoms that I was experiencing are gone which is good and I feel good physically.

Problem is my libido is still non existent, I have increased my testosterone dose to compensate for dropping HCG but can’t figure out why I’ve no libido.

Here is definitely hands down the best place for good information and people who are switched on so I’m hoping someone can help me.

One thing I have noticed though is my testicles feel dead, they haven’t shrank but there’s just nothing going on down there at all, surely testiclular function is required for libido and feeling good?

How does one say who has no testicles due to surgery actually still have libido etc? I know that we are injecting testosterone but that’s just testosterone floating and bound in our system.

I want this to work and I want to feel good on TRT, I want that feeling of testosterone, I say I feel good physically but I don’t feel the testosterone in my system, I don’t have that testosterone urge that comes upon us etc.

I’m currently on Testosterone Enanthate and have bumped my dose up to 75mg week from 50mg week to compensate for HCG drop.

I have the option to switch to Cypionate through my clinic, will a change in testosterone help perhaps?

When I originally started last year, I was started on Nebido through my GP and got a second shot at 4 weeks, for those 8 weeks I have never felt any better in my life, I was horny all the time, felt great mentally, physically, sleeping better, calmer, confident, relaxed and productive.

I got a third shot at 9 weeks and even though my levels were good I just completely crashed, my testicles shrunk, I got ED, I couldn’t literally function and ended up being off work for a month. I then switched to private and started on HCG and Test E.

That’s why I’m thinking perhaps I need my testicles functioning to feel good?

Apologies for the all over the place post but I just really need some help, I just want to feel good, below are my latest labs, I have low SHBG so I seek to feel better on lower levels but still retain a good Free T:

TT 500 ng/dl
E2 19 pg/ml
SHBG 13 nmol/l
FT 0.683 nmol/l

All other results in order, thyroid, FBC, lipids, prolactin, prostate etc, as you can see my Free testosterone is top of range even though total is middle as a result of low SHBG.

If anyone could help me greatly appreciate it, anyone with similar experience? Low shbg?

Also I keep reading about DHEA, Preg, Prog etc I

Even if I tried smaller HCG doses than before may help?

All I want is my libido back and that good feeling from TRT.

You do not need your testicles working to feel good.

Were those labs from before you stopped the hcg or after and was it taken at right before your next injection? How often do you inject and what’s your dose? Adding the lab ranges to your reported numbers helps too, since every lab seems to be different.

I think I’d look at bumping your dose up, even more. You can always reduce back down, if you’re with a private doc they should be receptive to the discussion.

If you’re stI’ll having ED look at getting some cialis or viagra. I take a daily cialis at 5mg and the additional confidence and random erections really helps things, at least for me. I also take a bump of cialis or viagra if I know a bit ahead of time for an extra boost.

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Appreciate the reply, this was after dropping the HCG.

It was also trough so day of injection before injection.

My Free testosterone is still high though so I don’t know what bumping up my dose would do potentially?

There are some guys that need their free test above range for symptom resolution. I’m not suggesting to just keep it there for no reason, but if you’ve got nothing else to try, give it a trial of a few months and see how it goes.

Yea I suppose I could give it a go!

I still don’t understand how you can feel good from testosterone without functioning testicles, surely even in terms of orgasm and ejaculation etc

Only about 10-15% of ejaculate volume come from the testicles. Guys with a vasectomy ejaculate fine. Could there be a change sure, maybe it’ll matter to you, maybe it won’t, won’t know for sure how you’ll react until you try.

Sensitivity can change as well, for a lot of reasons, and trying to narrow it down to just one specific thing can be difficult.

Could I ask for your experience? What is your protocol, SHBG and T only?

60mgx3/week, test only, shbg in the 20-30’s (dropped from 60’s after starting ), 2 years on trt, had a bad doc for the 1st year and only started feeling better once i switched providers and the dose got to where it is. Still have issues with poor sensitivity and some lingering ED (5mg daily cialis helps) but libido is in a pretty good place now and all has improved.

I’m still rather overweight so that’s the thing I’ve started working on. I may not get a lot better on some of this other stuff until I lose a hundred pounds, it’s been trending down though so I’ll get there eventually.

I have better energy just after losing 20 lbs. Keep up the fight, it is worth it. I still need to lose 10-15 (to be in awesome shape), but I seem to have stalled out. I need to re-motivate myself.

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Thank you for the support.

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