Stopped for 9 Days

Hey everyone I’ve came to this form in the past for tons of good information this is my first time posting and need some guidance.

I started my first month of TRT and my doctor had me stop for 8 days to get my first month blood work done. I stopped for 9 days by mistake. I started feeling amazing again and after the 9 days felt like total crap. I started back up after the bloodwork it’s been about a week and a half but I’m still not feeling back to how I was after my first full month. Does anyone have any experience with this?

This is by far the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, you are not supposed to stop TRT and then draw labs, this is TRT done wrong. It takes 6 weeks for testosterone to reach a stable state after injecting two or more times per week consistently, this is the time to do labs and this is usually when you start to feel good.

If you can’t inject testosterone consistently, then your labs are meaningless.

You should be injecting testosterone two or more time per week.

Your doctor is an idiot and I suggest you find a real doctor, insurance based doctors will more than likely be TRT ignorant. Therefore going private may be your only recourse as this is where the hormones experts are located, anti-aging and wellness.

What did he mean by “stop”? The only way this would make sense is if you are taking weekly injections. If so, he wanted your blood drawn at trough to see where your levels bottom out.

If you inject more frequently, or use gels, this makes no sense. I would ask why.

My mistake I think it was actually my 6th week. I inject 2x per week even though he has me on once per week.

Tell him. Otherwise, he’ll think you took a full dose a week before labs, instead of a split dose a week out and skipped (stopped) the mid-week dose. On the other hand, he’ll see lower test levels and may think you need your prescription increased. I’m sure no one has ever cut their dose just prior to labs for that purpose…………………

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That is probably why they said they wanted to increase my dose (face palm) I didn’t even think about that making a difference. Okay I’m gonna call them let them know I don’t need the increase because I was feeling great at my previous dose. This still leaves my main question unanswered though, will it take another 4-6 weeks till I’m feeling good again?

Everytime you change your dosage, it take 6 weeks to reach a stable state. If you get to 6 weeks and you are not feeling well, you must change your dosage again and this process starts all over.

Now I feel like the idiot for not telling them about me injecting 2x a week. Well I guess you make mistakes and learn from them. Hopefully it doesn’t take the full 6 weeks as you mentioned.

Thank you for your guidance!

I doubt it will take long, probably within a couple more weeks. You went 8 days between injections, instead of 3.5, and it was only once. Some are sensitive to slight fluctuations, but not most. How quickly did you respond when you first started?

It was actually 9 days the doctor said 8 days I messed up and ended scheduling my blood work for the 9th day. I started feeling better slightly after 2-3 weeks which may have just been due to my friends who are on TRT gassing me up. I felt for sure different after week 4 energy was up I didn’t feel slughish, mood was much better and sleep was better.